Belfast is set to relive the legend that was the Pound Club on the lead up to its 50th anniversary.

The old Pound was at Oxford Street beside Roddy’s Bar. The new club will be launched at 44 Dublin Road, the site formerly occupied by The Bar With No Name, and before that the legendary Auntie Annie’s bar and club.

This historic Belfast Club, saw many local legends grow to global superstars. The club will commemorate and celebrate such artists as The Group, Light and in its later years U2, The Undertones and Cat Stevens.

The Pound Music Club was the first bar in Belfast to have an entrance charge, a case was taken against the club, after a victory was won the club continued to charge and grow legends in it.

Chris Roddy (Son of the original owner, John Roddy) said: “I am delighted to see the club re-open after so many years I spent most of my childhood in the club and look forward to spending my adult hood in the new club”

The official opening of the club is September 10 with John Wilson’s Taste of Rory, playing tribute to the great Rory Gallagher. This evening sold out in a day and therefore due to demand a second day had to be added on the September 16.

John and Rory

John and Rory

Saturday Pound Sessions are back with weekly house band paying tribute to all eras of The Pound. This 2pm –5pm slot was the foundation of the original club. Originally an animal pound, it then became a rehearsal studio and then Belfast’s place to be.

Friday nights in the club will host The Pound Reunion, this playing tribute to many local legends that played the original pound. From Thin Lizzy tributes to John Wilson’s Taste of Rory Gallagher, complete with original drummer..

The club will soon re-open its doors to new talent in Belfast, giving the stage back to a new Rory Gallagher, Cat Stevens or Eric Bell for a NEW era of The Pound.

The Group

The Group

You’ll find more information on the new club at

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