It’s ironic that the bar that’s giving away free drink to NHS workers this Saturday has the initials A&E.

Aether & Echo are showing their appreciation to medical staff by offering them a free drink and free entry to the club this Saturday.

It’s come about after a doorman at Aether & Echo went off on a viral rant about patients who abuse staff, which he witnessed first hand when getting treatment at Belfast’s Mater Hospital.

If you have read the Dave’s diatribe you can do so over at Belfast Live.

Following his rant, Dave’s employers at Aether & Echo have decided to give back to NHS staff by offering them a free drink and entry to their club this Saturday (August 20).

The bar & club posted the following on their Facebook page: “Our wee doorman, just hit the big time, go ahead Dave ya moany bitch… or two valid points though to be fair
Due to the general consensus that our medical staff across the board are absolute legends, and should be applauded, we here at A&E, are gonna show our appreciation by offering all medical staff (ID as proof, required), free entry to the club this Saturday, and a free drink… please tag your friends, who are doctors, nurses, surgeons, auxiliary hospital staff, ambulance drivers, whatever, to let them know we’re gonna look after them for a change …”

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