Kevin Bridges was in Belfast this week with his new show – and it’s fair to say he’s funnier than ever.

Not only did he interact and improvise excellently with the crowd, but he dealt so well with the few in the audience that decided to go rogue that it actually topped off an hilarious night.

Declaring he reckoned Belfast had been “on the drink since these tickets went on sale” was an amusing, if seemingly fitting description for the man who decided to shout “Come here you” before attempting to clamber onstage, or the man who continuously threw his hat at him from the front row.

Bridges took it all in his stride though, with some of the most side-splitting moments of the night coming from his interactions with the crowd.

One of the highlights of the night included the Twitter question and answer session at the end – during which he was asked how nervous was he about hecklers tonight.

Laughing about the reference to the Derry gig in July in which a heckler forced him to cut the gig short, Kevin explained: “What I have experienced tonight is not heckling. It’s a laugh. When you’re doing a routine in a prison and someone serving a life sentence stands up and goes back to his cell after your first five minutes – now that’s heckling! The idea of, you’re so rubbish I’d rather go and finish my life sentence alone in my cell than listen to you pal, that hurts!”

Kevin Bridges is back in the SSE Arena Friday and Saturday November 20 – 21, with Romesh Ranganathan as the star support.

With that in mind, we count down some of Bridge’s funniest moments, as we seriously consider going again…

1. The ‘Bus Stop’

2. When You’re Handed A Baby…

3. The ‘Dunnes’ Anecdote

4. On Being ‘Fat’

5. Talking Accents (We Can Relate)

6. Learning Spanish

7. On His ‘Solution’ To Crime

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