Last night Tennent’s Vital kicked off with a hugely successful opening night featuring the legendary rock icons Red Hot Chili Peppers.

But before the Chili Peppers took to the stage, Fall Out Boy helped seriously liven up the crowd with some of their greatest hits and a mesmerising stage show – and some seriously humble words of appreciation to the lively audience.

Those lucky enough to get out of work early also enjoyed a star-studded line-up including Labrinth, Cage The Elephant and Otherkin.

It was a night most of us in the audience will never forget – and here’s nine reasons why.

1. Can’t Stop

Atmos Crowd JC16

Red Hot Chili Peppers, led by the charismatic Anthony Kiedis, bursting onto the stage for their first song of the night with 2002 smash-hit Can’t Stop will go down in history as one of our all-time favourite Tennent’s Vital moments.

This is one band that is truly even better live!

2. Fall Out Boy


From the beginning right until the very last note of their anthem-packed set, Fall Out Boy gave their all to an amazing show. Particular highlights had to be their big hits, from Dance Dance to Light ’em Up which was accompanied by an amazing fire display.

3. The Food

With 45 different catering vans, lack of choice certainly wasn’t an issue. From crepes, to fish and chips, burgers and even special River Rock and Coca Cola stations, revellers were seriously spoilt for choice.

One food destination we’d particularly recommend is Rumbles – you’ll find it easily as there’ll likely be a queue. It seems everyone else at Tennent’s Vital last night agreed with us that this is the spot to go if you’re lusting after a mouth-watering gourmet burger and golden, crunchy chips on the go!

4. The WeatherAtmos Crowd JC05


Due to the torrential rain in the days leading up to this year’s opening day at Tennent’s Vital, we didn’t have high hopes for the weather. Which made it even better when the sun was blasting all day long.

In fact, the only shower occurred during Red Hot Chili Pepper’s epic encore of Give It Away – and it was kind of magical.

5. The Drinks

Sponsored by Tennent’s, we knew the bar – that was the length of 23 buses – would be pretty amazing. Hundreds upon hundreds of hard-working bar staff meant you were never queuing for long, and we found Magners to be the perfect accompaniment to the outstanding live performances with the sun blazing down on us.

6. Pete Wentz


Fall Out Boy’s performance was energetic, powerful and at times heartfelt. No more so than when Pete dedicated the set to his fans, saying:

“I can’t believe we’re opening for the Red Hot Chili Peppers. When I was younger everyone treated me like I was stupid because I didn’t get good grades.

” Music – and especially the Red Hot Chili Peppers – were everything to me growing up. That’s why it means the world for us to be opening for them tonight.

“This songs to anyone who ever feels the same way. That feels stupid or gets treated badly. Grades don’t matter, follow your dreams. This songs for you. It’s always for you. Always.”

7. Labrinth


Labrinth stormed the Tennent’s Vital stage, treating gig-goers to a dazzling selection of hit music perfect for a sunny afternoon.

Boucher Road Playing Fields was certainly feeling the summer vibes as Labrinth revved up the festival atmosphere and showing the crowds exactly why this boy is rated as one of the most talented musicians around.

8. Flea


Special homage must be paid to the eccentric bass player, who bounced around the Tennent’s Vital Stage for over an hour and a half in true Flea fashion.

9. Snow (Hey Oh)


Red Hot Chili Peppers absolutely stunned the audience with their electrifying renditions of smash hits, playing everything from  By The Way, Can’t Stop and Californication. Their performance of Under The Bridge was truly outstanding, with Anthony giving a heartfelt performance on vocals.

However, our surprise stand out favourite had to be their performance of Snow (Hey Oh) from their 2009 album Stadium Arcadium which was even better live than on the album!

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