Whether you believe in ghosts or not, ghost hunting can be great fun, very revealing and extremely interesting.

TV shows such as the famous Northern Ireland’s Greatest Haunts are a fantastic way to get an insight into the scary world of ghost hunting but if you’re interested in trying it yourself it’s always good to be prepared. Or maybe you just prefer to sit back (with some popcorn) and watch ghost-busting on the big screen.

Either way, we’ve brought things back to basics to make sure you know all of the relevant terminology…

1. Supernatural

The supernatural is something which people attribute to a force beyond scientific understanding. If it goes beyond the the laws of natural, it becomes ‘super nature’ – or what we call: supernatural.

2. Paranormal

While some people confuse the terms supernatural and paranormal, there is a difference. Paranormal actually refers to phenomena beyond human understanding. It’s a term which groups all those words for things that are yet to be classified.

3. Psychic

Otherwise known as a medium, a psychic is someone who possesses the superhuman powers of behind able to connect to spirits. This can come in all forms, such as telepathy or being able to see the future.

4. Clairvoyance

This is the ability to be aware of events that will take place in the future. Of course, it’s beyond what the everyday human can sense and so these people may be considered as supernatural.

5. Agent

This is the person who attempts to communicate with the spiritual world in a ghost hunt – they link our world to another.

6. Haunting

This is when there is repeated paranormal activity occurring in a specific place. Lots of old buildings are said to be haunted if people are thought to have died there throughout history as their spirits may linger. Perhaps this is why graveyards are so unnerving.

7. Parapsychology

It might seem like a technical term but really parapsychology simply means studying the evidence for that which science cannot explain. It tends to veer towards psychological phenomena, otherwise meaning our brains can’t get our heads round these crazy occurrences.

8. Extra Sensory Perception

Often shortened to ESP, Extra Sensory Perception is the name for communication beyond the physical senses. This spiritual connection is often very shocking for those who experience it.

9. Electronic Voice Phenomena

Also known as EVP, Electronic Voice Phenomena is the name given to voices and sounds being picked up by analog or digital voice recorders but not necessarily heard at the time the actual recording took place.  The sounds, which in some cases, can sound like voices are usually only heard during playback.

If you want to learn more, a team of leading Northern Ireland ghost hunters are hoping to answer the question “do ghosts exist?” at an event in Belfast next month.

The guys behind Northern Ireland’s Greatest Haunts, Cormac Donnelly, Darren Ansell and Tony Armstrong from Paranormal Study & Investigation Ireland (PSI Ireland) and Red Moon Events are hosting The Great Paranormal Debate on October 1 at the Crumlin Road Gaol in Belfast.

From whether ghosts exist to discussions about the afterlife, The Great Paranormal Debate, will open the floor to expert panelists as well as attendees throughout the day.

For more information about The Great Paranormal Debate at the Crumlin Road Gaol on October 1, hosted by David Meade, log onto www.redmoonevents.org Tickets for the event cost £35.

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