Outdoor music festivals bring out some unique types of concert goers. Here are 9 of them you’re guaranteed to meet at Tennent’s Vital…

1. Marry me, Avicii!

The girl who thinks that if she shouts loud enough, Avicii will stop the show, climb down from the stage, scythe through the crowd, lift her in his arms and tell her how his life has been meaningless until this point.

2. Where am I?

The guy who has no idea how he got here, no idea how he’s getting home, but most tragically, no idea where he is. Can usually be found curled up for warmth beside the generator of the crepe van.

3. Rent-a-friend

The fella whose mates have deliberately abandoned him and now he’s trying to make some new friends with the genius plan of asking them for beer and cigarettes.

4. A to Z lyrics

The person that knows every single word to every single song, but just isn’t quite as good at singing them as the musician on stage.

5. Underdressed to impress

Come rain, hail or shine this girl will be sporting flip flops, hot pants and vest top. Her night will be a failure unless she ends up on the big screen, or better still, backstage.

6. I’ll watch it later

This concert-goer watches the entire show through the screen of their smartphone with the intention of enjoying it later when it’s a bit quieter.

7. The giant

No matter where you stand the tallest person at the entire concert always seems to pick the spot equidistant between you and the stage.

8. The chatterboxes

While most people bought their tickets in anticipation of some great live music, there’s always a few who seem to have just come here to catch up on a week’s worth of gossip.

9. Barra Best

You can’t go to any major event in Belfast without bumping into Barra Best. Let’s hope he brings the weather with him.

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