Deliveroo has officially launched across Belfast.

The end-to-end food delivery service brings high-quality local restaurant food to homes and offices using the online site and iOS app.

With Netflix AND this fantastic new food service delivering our favourite food from the top restaurants that never previously delivered, staying in truly is the new going out.

1. Deliverwhoo?


Deliveroo is massive in the likes of London, Dublin, France, Germany, Hong Kong, United Arab Emirates, Singapore and Spain – to name just a few.

What sets Deliveroo apart is that it features restaurants that previously didn’t even do deliveries. Mind blown.

Perfect for the next time you find yourself craving a delicious meal from your favourite restaurant, and you’re too tired/ too hungover to physically go out and satisfy your hunger.

2. Our Two Loves Have Collided

Our two biggest loves: food and technology have collided to make the holy grail of delivery services. Featuring mouth-watering, high-end restaurants and the use of the internet which makes it all happen.

Deliveroo has taken an already complex idea and made it all the more complicated because it focuses upon restaurants without a delivery service already in place. Yet they make it appear seamless. Unlike our usual local Chinese takeaway…

3. The Options Up For Grabs

Yo! Sushi

Unlike most of its competitors (whom incase you can’t tell we’ve had a few gripes with in the past), Deliveroo’s options aren’t just limited to Pizza, Chinese or Indian. Or failing that Chinese, Indian or Pizza. Yawn…

Instead, Deliveroo has quite rightly made a beeline for all of the top restaurants in Belfast responsible for the huge foodie revolution we’ve all been enjoying.

Oriental cuisine of noodle and vegetarian dishes, Hawaiian,  freshly prepared European dishes, Sushi and American are just some of the food genres up for grabs in Belfast so far.

4. The Restaurants On-Board

Because Deliveroo is a premium food delivery service, it partners up with only the best restaurants and delivers to your home or office.

So far, an incredible list of our favourite local restaurants have signed up. Including Wagamama; Kua Aina; Prezzo; YO! Sushi; Bootleggers; Kurrito; Eddie Rockets; Buskers Bistro and Allotment!

Many of whom have frequently focused on our top foodie lists.

5. It’s Easy-Peasy


It’s really quite straightforward – simply enter your postcode on the homepage, and it will show you the great range of restaurants that deliver to you. Choose your preferred restaurant, put together your order, enter your address and payment details, and your order is complete – your food will be delivered to you within 30 minutes.

The ease of the experience is what seriously puts Deliveroo ahead of the rest of the game. The service has gained such a high reputation elsewhere due to its ability to deliver the hardest food to prepare, cook, keep warm and transport across town (even at rush hour) – all within the guaranteed delivery time.

6. Track It

you know exactly when to pour that cold one

You can track an order as it’s prepared, in transit and on every stage of delivery. This might be pretty standard – but what we love about Deliveroo is that it gives us the expected delivery time – to the minute. As opposed to those apocalyptic ‘worse case scenarios’ other food providers believe it helpful to know. It is not.

Meaning you know exactly when to pour that cold one and get a show ready on Netflix.

7. Serious Game-Changer

So easy with Deliveroo

This is not a drill. Deliveroo is a serious game-changer set to revitalise our food takeaway habits.

Rather than being left feeling like you just tried to hack into the White House, your order will be completed hassle-free with just a few simple clicks.

You’ll be left pleased with the stress-free process, as opposed to the normal ordeal which usually ends in us throwing down our phones in a tantrum and declaring ‘Well that was such a hassle we may as well have just gone out and got it ourselves.’

We ain’t got time for that nonsense – now we know how easy it is to use Deliveroo.

8. The FOOD

The Mexican Burger at Bootleggers

Whilst we all love going out for a meal, tucking into a mega Bootleggers burger in the comfort of our own home (wearing our stretchiest eating trousers unfit for public attention aka Joey from Friends-style) is a luxury we’ve been waiting for our whole life.

Check out the site at or you can download the iOS app.

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