Whether it’s muggy or the sun is shining, temperatures have been soaring in Belfast.

So much so that we need a break from our regular Flat White in a bid for a more refreshing affect with our caffeine hit.

With this in mind, here’s some recommendations for delicious iced coffees all available in Belfast.

1. Town Square

45 Botanic Avenue – Website


Recent run-away winners at the Northern Ireland Aeropress Championships (they entered three baristas and took 1st and 2nd place with Project Manager Nathan Reid now heading to the World Championships!) Town Square have launched the first drink of its kind in Northern Ireland…

Introducing Nitro Brew!

Project Manager Nathan Reid explained to us how he makes it: “Starting with the Cold Brew, we make a fresh batch of coffee which chills in the fridge for 24 hours.

“Cold coffee takes longer to create because it’s all about extraction. Without getting too scientific, it takes longer to bring out the delicious flavours when it’s cold, so we draw the flavours out over a longer, more prolonged period of time.


“Next, we add the cold brew into a keg of Nitrogen – creating Nitro Brew!”

2. Kaffe O

411 Ormeau Road & 73 Botanic Ave – Website


One Belfast cafe making a serious splash on the Belfast cafe scene is Kaffe O, who is becoming famous not just for its hot coffee – but amazing range of delicious iced options.

Orla Smyth sent us in this great picture, explaining that this is the most popular iced coffee – a double espresso, milk (dairy, almond or soya), ice, dash of vanilla and blended!

“We also do iced long blacks- does what it says on the tin!

“And our latest addition is coffee tonics- double espresso, poured on top of large glass of ice and tonic water.”

On a further note (or just to entice us even more) Kaffe O have just introduced their new range of hand made ice-cream in the form of two amazing flavours – peanut butter and mango. Both of which are made with coconut milk so are vegan (and therefore totally allowed, right?!)

3. Ground Espresso Bars

Standalone store on the corner of Queen’s Street & Wellington Place – Website

Lotus biscuit frappe

Our minds are officially blown, as Ground Espresso Bars have combined our two favourite things: Lotus biscuits (the fancy ones you get in hairdressers) and creamy Frappé. Especially for summer. Form an orderly queue!

4. Indigo Coffee & Gelato

86 Stranmillis Road – Website

Indigo Coffee and Gelato is the quirky new independent coffee house in Stranmillis.

Specialising in fresh home-made gelato and mouth-watering coffee, Indigo has now combined the two to create the amazing Afforgato. Coffee meets gelato in this cold coffee-based dessert. A couple of scoops of Indigo’s homemade gelato are drenched in a shot of hot espresso for an Italian twist!

Meanwhile, for iced coffee on the go we recommend the Iced V60, which is the classic pour-over brew chilled out.

5. Raw Food Rebellion

336 Lisburn Road – Website

new iced lattes

Raw have just introduced these delicious iced lattes, the perfect accompaniment for this beautiful weather and even better with a slice of raw cake! #rawfoodrebellion #icedlatte #dairyfree #plantbased #cloudpicker #hellosummer

6. Buskers

44 University Road – Website Iced coffees at Buskers

New and delicious iced coffee’s and iced chocolates have just been added to Busker’s already-amazing menu, offering you further opportunity to pull up a chair and soak up the dulcet tones of the buskers and rays of sunshine in the outside front beer garden. For £3.50 you can enjoy summer in a glass.

7. Ambrosia

447-449 Ormeau Road – Website

Customers rave about the authentic coffee on offer at one of Ormeau Road’s most vibrant restaurants. Just check out this Iced Caramel Latte, which is giving us serious cravings right now!

8. Good Times Coffee

7 Pottinger’s Entry – Website

An iced coffee topped with vanilla ice-cream is definitely the best way to spice up your normal coffee order! We might have to make this our new Friday morning treat!

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