From scrambled, poached, fried, or boiled – it’s come to our attention that the people of Belfast seriously appreciate a good egg.

Luckily, the restaurants in Belfast are more than meeting demand, with these seriously epic egg-focused dishes. So egg lovers, check out our list of the most eggcellent eateries in Belfast!

1. Home

22 Wellington Place – Website

From poached eggs on a sweetcorn fritter to the luscious butterbean niciose salad which is new to the deli this week, at Home you can seriously indulge your egg obsession – minus the guilt.

Because not only are those gorgeous fritters gluten free, but the whole menu concentrates on feel good healthy home cooked food packed with flavours.

Home Restaurant

And if you’re looking for eggs on the go, Home’s deli is the ideal place to go – just check out this egg, sausage and bacon sarnie!

2. General Merchants

481 Upper Newtownards Road

Egg and hollandaise sauce

Famous for its dishes that are packed full with exciting flavours and tastes, General Merchants is a firm favourite in our features thanks to its unique breakfasts, pancakes and coffee – to name just a few.

Special thanks goes to Thomas Soliman for the suggestion, because if you’re a huge egg fan, then this is definitely the spot for you. Consistently every weekend General Merchants have an egg and hollandaise breakfast. On their Facebook page they write: ” We like changing it up. Keeping it fresh and exciting.”

That’s clearly evident from this seriously appetising dish of Ewing’s Seafoods whiskey cured ocean trout, Zac’s Bakehouse malt loaf, poached eggs and lemon hollandaise.

3. Permit Room

Fountain Street – Website


From the guys who bought us Howard Street, new cafe on the block Permit Room is the ideal place to start your day with a seriously mouth-watering breakfast menu. Ideal for egg fans everywhere, Permit Room has some seriously tasty options.

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