We’ve all been there. Gone on a gin-induced-rampage that causes a hangover of such new dimensions that we vow never to touch the stuff again.


If that was you this weekend, you might be interested to know the 7 effects that stopping drinking will have on your body, according to registered dietitian Jenny Champion.

But be warned, this might seriously encourage you to detox!

1 Hour After You Quit


According to Champion, this is when your body kicks into full-blown detox mode to clear the alcohol from your bloodstream and prevent alcohol poisoning.

An hour after your last drink, your liver starts working overtime. Your pancreas also starts producing extra insulin, which causes intense carb cravings.

12 – 24 Hours After You Quit


Your blood sugar finally normalises. “However, if you went wild in the candy aisle during your 2 a.m. junk-food run, you may have kicked off a glycemic roller coaster that could last days,” says Champion.

In fact, according to our very own health expert Geoff Gates behind The Top 5 Reasons You’re Not Burning Fat: “You might go out at the weekend and take in 10,000 calories, that’s maybe 5 days extra calories. When you drink alcohol not only is it full of empty calories, you can’t burn fat for up to 72 hours.”


Geoff continues, “This is because your liver is working to clear the alcohol and fat burning duties are put on hold, so even if your diet is clean for the next couple of days (which if you’re anything like me it won’t be!) then it’s going to have a big effect on your fat loss.”

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Scary stats! So make sure to nip any unhealthy nibbling this in the bud by trading sugar and unhealthy fats for fruits and veggies on hangover day. “Also, because of the diuretic effect booze has on our bodies, you’re going to be dehydrated,” says Champion. So make sure to reach for water throughout the day.

48 Hours After You Quit


At this stage, your body finishes its biggest detox hurdle. “Depending on how much you drank, grogginess, headaches and tiredness might still be lingering,” says Champion. But the worst is over.

Pro tip: Treat any leftover headaches by dabbing some lavender essential oil (£2) on your fingers and massaging your temples.

72 Hours After You Quit


Any hangover side effects are now officially out of your system. Your carb cravings subside.

Champion says 72 hours after quitting is when “you finally feel back to yourself physically and mentally.”

1 Week After You Quit


You start sleeping more deeply, causing your physical and mental energy to increase.

Your skin begins to look dewier and more youthful as hydration restores. Skin conditions such as dandruff, eczema, and rosacea begin to improve.

1 Month After You Quit


Your liver fat reduces by 15%, increasing its ability to filter toxins out of the body.

You also notice a reduction in belly fat. In addition, Champion says that the most significant improvement in your skin occurs at this four-week mark, according to a study published in The International Journal of Cosmetic Science.

1 Year after You Quit


A year after your last drink, you lose a significant amount of belly fat—13 pounds, on average. Your risk of mouth, liver, and breast cancers reduces.

“On the financial side of the coin,” Champion adds, “if you spent £20 at each happy hour three times per week, at the one-year mark, you will have saved almost £3120.”

Source: byrdie.co.uk

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