Crunchy golden pastry that gives way to a piping hot, melt in the mouth filling…

The perfect sausage roll is a thing truly hard to come by. But don’t worry.

The perfect sausage roll is hard to come by - so we went out and found some

We’ve found the best 7 sausage rolls in Belfast – do you have any more suggestions? Send us your foodie pics! #FoodPorn

We’ve done our research (and suffered on the scales because of it), all in the name of finding the ultimate guide to the best sausage rolls in Belfast. Here’s our findings.

As always we want you to get in touch. The quest for the perfect sausage roll is a personal one after all. So where’s your go-to destination for the guilty but-oh-so-worth-it golden pastry treat..?

1. Loaf

307 Grosvenor Road & Bobbin Cafe at City Hall – Website


Loaf Cafe & Bakery, with its instantly recognisable bright yellow exterior, opened for business in June 2015 after new life was breathed back into the derelict building previously known as the Oak Bar on the Grosvenor Road.

They bake an array of breads and sweet and savoury treats to meet the demands of the social enterprise’s busy outside catering service and two cafes.

Particularly popular baked items include the famous Loaf sausage roll with secret recipe relish! It’s always a sell-out at the City Hall Cafe – so make sure you get in early if you fancy lunch with a difference.

2. Home

22 Wellington Place – Website

Pork, chilli & fennel sausage rolls

We’ve developed a pretty serious obsession with the sausage rolls at Home – mainly because we keep justifying to ourselves that these have to be the healthiest sausage rolls available in Belfast! Home serves up only the best in-season flavours using high quality, local food.

The ever-changing menu means nearly every time we visit. But so far we’ve enjoyed sampling the delectable homemade Chicken & Porcini; homemade Cajun Spiced; Chorizo; and Pork, Chilli & Fennel sausage rolls. And we’re already looking forward to the next one!

3. Grapevine

5 Pottinger’s Entry – Website

Grapevine are so much more than just your typical ‘pork’ sausage roll (like the party pack ones you can grab for a quid that leave you more than dubious over its ingredients).

Indeed, Grapevine’s deliciously bulging Chorizo and Red Onion sausage rolls are just £2 – and seriously filling!

Sausage rolls just out of the oven at Grapevine! #No Drooling!

Sausage rolls just out of the oven at Grapevine! #NoDrooling!

What we love most about Grapevine though, is the unusual fact it caters for Vegans – check out those amazing Vietnamese spiced sweet potato & crushed peanut rolls (£2.50) and the delicious Vegan Chickpea, Mushroom & Sesame Roll!

4. Belfast Baking Company

Queen’s Road – Website

The Belfast Baking Company sausage rolls

The bakers at aptly named Belfast’s Baking Company make fresh batches of mouth-watering, crumbling sausage rolls every morning to ensure maximum yummy goodness…

We suggest you get down fast!

5. Thyme Deli

13 Church Lane – Website

Home made sausage rolls at Thyme

Thyme Deli is one of our favourite destinations for a delicious, freshly prepared lunch made to order.

Amongst the flavoursome sandwiches, hunger-busting paninis, and particularly tempting burgers – you’d be forgiven for overlooking the delicious homemade sausage rolls on offer. But we strongly recommend for any lunchtime you’re feeling particularly ravenous!

Available to enjoy sitting in (Thyme Deli is two-floor sanctuary inside); outside in the great seating area; or takeaway.

6. Yahi

Great Northern Mall – Website

Sausage rolls at Yahi

Yahi is particularly well located for commuters and city centre workers. So it works out well then, that they offer some of the best breakfast options in Belfast. But we’re here to talk about the wonderfully crispy golden pastry sausage rolls – a must try!

7. Ocho

8 Donegall Square East – Website

Whilst Ocho boasts a vast deli selection filled with fresh meat and refreshing salads, the sausage rolls are a force to be reckoned with!

Particularly needed on a miserable rainy day, Ocho’s sausage rolls provide the perfect comfort food  – especially during those more lethargic moments throughout the (boring) work day.

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