Avicii hit Belfast at Tennent’s Vital last night for his final ever gig in Northern Ireland. Here’s a few reasons why he went out with a bang!

A Fitting Farewell

“Belfast, thanks so much for being with me on my last weekend of shows.”


So after all the years spent touring the world putting on massive shows at venues such as Ultra Music festival to Tomorrowland… in fact, basically any big festival has been graced by the 26 year old Swede at some point, but it is all coming to an end this weekend.

At the time of writing Avicii has two shows left in England and Ibiza – but we all know that the real farewell was last night as there’s no chance the English could go as mental as us! Avicii is quitting touring and live shows to enjoy travelling and life but Avicii fans shouldn’t be too down – as he is still going to produce music.


An unbelievable crowd of 40,000+ going crazy was an amazing sight, good vibes and great energy all round!


New Tracks

With all the importance surrounding Avicii’s last ever show it was so refreshing to hear new unreleased music from him. Having more time to work in the studio will be a good thing for his next album. The new music was fantastic, he opened the set off with newest track believed to be called ‘Without You’ and especially one called ‘Heaven’ that the crowd loved.

No Hoe-down

Some people/faders had doubts about going as they thought it would mainly be a country style night of music.

These people obviously have never been to an Avicii gig.

This was the polar opposite of a ‘country night. Sure, there were people wearing the odd chequered shirt but the gig was intense. It was a hard hitting track one after the other and most were glad when a slightly slower song came on for a chance to catch their breath!


Lights, Camera, Lasers!

One thing that was truly spectacular last night was the set-up.

It was on such a grand scale and like nothing we’ve seen in Northern Ireland to date. Each track was hit with a barrage of pyro, flashing lights and amazing lasers lighting up the crowd in front of you.

If you didn’t like the music, you could have sat there and been in awe of the lights. The lights gave each song that extra oomph. The visuals were also class, with each song getting a tailored background, there was one song with a haunting bride on screen and another showing a menacing character wearing a Daft Punk-esque helmet with a suit- it was weird as hell but it helped add to the madness.


Edward Sprinklehands

Avicii seems to do this weird thing with his hands each song, like he’s sprinkling his rave dust over the crowd or something. And to be fair he does it all night. Pity we won’t be seeing more of his strange hand thingy.

The Finale

So how was he going to bow out? Most thought it would have been Wake Me Up that we could enjoy for the 3500th time. But I think he surprised most people by playing Levels and not just Levels, Skrillex’s remix.

Perhaps one of the standout moments of the concert was watching people attempt to dance to dubstep. Some people looked like they needed an exorcism because it looked like they were being controlled by a rave infused demon. But it all went out with amazing fireworks that made everyone just stop and appreciate the surreal moment.

And as everybody staggered back to the packed trains, buses and cars I’m sure a lot thought that was a night they won’t forget anytime soon. In years to come I’m sure most will look back and think ‘I was at Avicii’s final gig.’

It was an epic way to end the summer –  and an epic way to close the curtain on Avicii performing live.

Atmos Crowd FRI JC12

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