In honour of the sun deciding to shine today, we decided to pay homage to our favourite food group with our favourite 7 places for ice-cream in Belfast.

And in the interest of giving you a little variety, we’ve got you covered with some amazing alternatives – from FroYo, sundaes, waffles & ice-cream combos and loads more. (Just don’t forget that FroYo generally charges by the weight of your tub…)

Now all we need is the sun to stay out long enough for us to walk to the shop.

1. Cafe Mauds

 555 Lisburn Road – Website

On a sunny day, odds are you will definitely be queuing to get an amazing ice-cream at Cafe Mauds – but stay patient! Because the resulting fresh, creamy ice-cream available in dozens of refreshing flavours makes it so worthwhile.

The newest flavour, Coffee Biscottiono, looks like a guaranteed new favourite flavour, and check out those amazing sundaes in flavours Toffee Heaven; Strawberry; and Chocolate Brownie.

Not to be outdone, check out the famous Café Mauds “Mix In.” This signature delight features a sugar-fix of Belgium chocolate Ice cream; Oreo Ice cream; Crunchie; Oreos; White Chocolate buttons and delectable Belgium Chocolate Sauce.

2. YoggieBerrie

551 Antrim Road & Andersonstown Road – Website

YoggieBerrie offers a whopping 24 flavours of Morelli ice-cream on top of their famous FroYo in order to cater for an amazing one-stop treat experience!

Do you think you could take on the sugar-feast that is the #3scoopwafflechallenge? Pictured above, it features one scoop of Toffee crispy; one scoop of Sea salty; and to top it all off a scoop of  Tiramisu. Finished with Buenos & caramel sauce. This is one challenge we’d be happy to die trying.

Meanwhile, check out the amazing Malteser and Oreo Sundaes too, and remember, you can also Build-Your-Own Waffles (with two scoops of ice-cream, two toppings and sauce of your choice!), and mouth-watering Crepes. This is the place decadent desserts were made of.

3. Fusco’s Ice Cream Parlour

4 Jasmine End – Website


This famous ice-cream (and fish & chips!) shop has gained a great reputation for a reason. Asides from the decadent flavours, reviewers rave about the level of care and attention from staff – who are always ready & willing to cater for your every sugar-coated ice-cream whim!

4. Barnams

603 Lisburn Road & 7 Stranmillis Road – Website

It’s a rite of passage that every trip to Cranmore Park must be accompanied by a large cone of amazing Barnams Honeycomb ice-cream with fluffy marshmallows and strawberry sauce.

Barnams has more delicious cold options, including the Oreo Sundae – more than big enough for two if you’re out on a relaxed date with your S.O.


But if you’re looking for something hot and cold and covered in cream we recommend you try the Hot Fudge Fantasy. Featuring layers of honey-comb and double chocolate ice cream in a pool of hot fudge sauce and topped with whipped cream, fudge and wafers.

In even better news, for those wishing to visit nearby Botanic Gardens instead – Barnams has recently opened a second location just across the road!

5. Spoon Street

261 Upper Newtownards Road &  Ann Street – Website


Bring a little bit of the US into your life with the trend-setter of the froyo explosion in Belfast – Spoon Street.

Pour your own delicious froyo with a selection of different flavours and toppings, including such tasty delights as peanut butter, mixed berries, coconut and white chocolate – to name but a few.

The product is also extremely high quality. It’s made in-house with fresh local produce and with all natural ingredients. It’s pure coincidence that the new store on Ann Street is conveniently right beside the Little Wing pizza restaurant. Dinner and dessert done and dusted.

6. W.J. Desano

344 Newtownards Road – Website


Because W. J. Desano make their ice cream on the premises using only the finest quality ingredients, it has become renowned for its famous ice-creams.

The vanilla flavour is famous for a reason – it’s to-die-for!

7. Rossi’s Ice Cream

9 Atlantic Avenue – Website

Belfast’s Rossi’s Ice Cream has been on the go since 1888. Here you can get delicious Italian ice cream, and incredible Milkshakes, with Wafers & Oysters.

Delicious daily specials include the likes of Coconut, Forrest Fruits Cheesecake, Raspberry & White Chocolate and Mango, and Reese’s Pieces. We suggest you give them a go – you won’t regret it!

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