As we head into Summer, it’s amazing how much the sunshine is convincing even the most passionate food and drink lovers amongst us to get out and about and enjoy the fresh air.

An added bonus? You’ll definitely deserve that cocktail and burger afterwards!

Here’s six of our favourite walks to enjoy in Belfast. Where do you like to go?!

1. Cavehill

Antrim Road – Website

Distinguished by its famous ‘Napoleon’s Nose’ the Cavehill offers spectacular panoramic views across Belfast. Depending on your ability, you can follow the various way-marked walking trails suitable for casual walkers or serious ramblers. Other special features include the Cave Hill Adventurous Playground, archaeological sites, Cave Hill Visitor Centre, an ecotrail, and orienteering routes.

The landmark, named for the five caves located on the side of the cliffs, contains a wealth of natural, archaeological and historical features, including the iconic Belfast Castle.

2. Botanic Gardens


Ideal for those with a shorter walk in mind (it’s just 0.8 miles altogether), Botanic Gardens is truly relaxing – whether you’re out with the dog, friends, or therapeutic stroll with a takeaway caffeine hit from one of the many nearby cafes.

Meanwhile, Botanic Gardens is also home to the Palm House, Tropical Ravine, Rose Garden, and of course the iconic Ulster Museum.

3. Lagan Towpath

Stranmillis – Website

The Lagan Towpath is another enjoyable walk, with a flat surface that allows you to decide your own limit with the various resting points and paths which will take you off the route depending how far you want to go.

The off road quiet surfaced paths makes this route ideal for dog-walkers and families with prams, whilst the incredible views of the River Lagan and captivating wildlife will have you amazed at the sheer proximity to Belfast’s city centre.

Look out for the delightful Lock Keeper’s Inn for a well-deserved refreshment – situated around 35 minute’s walk into the route!

4. Waterworks

Antrim Road – Website

Vibrant and buzzing with locals, the Waterworks is a popular spot for walkers, families and runners alike thanks to its stunning bird-life (you’ll not miss the eye-catching collection of swans, a sight to behold so close to the city centre!)

Belfast’s former water supply has also become renowned for its popular weekly park run, with the surfaced 1.4 miles an ideal route with spectacular views.

5. Ormeau Park

Ormeau Road – Website

Spanning 1.3 miles, Ormeau Park is packed full with natural beauty, stunning fresh flower beds and tree-lined paths – all sure to have the desired relaxing effect if you’re after a therapeutic walk or short jog around the park.

Something a bit different…

 6. Titanic Walking Tours


Follow in the footsteps of Titanic’s builders in the city’s only Titanic Walking Tour. Tour guide Colin Cobb’s extensive knowledge leaves no fact unearthed – even down to the number of apples on board the doomed liner (36,000, if you’re asking).

The two-hour tour begins outside Titanic Belfast and heads down Queens Island, past several significant shipyard locations – including the Drawing Offices, slipway and awe-inspiring Titanic’s Dock and Pump-House – bringing the city’s shipbuilding heritage and, of course, Titanic’s birth into sharp focus. The tour also includes a 30min stop for lunch at the Pump-House cafe.

Colin’s entertaining and detailed insight is suitable for all ages – whether a self-professed Titanorak or not.

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