Although it may not seem like it with our recent dose of Belfast weather, but the Summer is officially here!

For many of us that means travelling abroad to have fun, relax, rest and unwind.

But because us Norn Irish aren’t used to such tropical climates, we’ve put together some top tips to help you maximise that summertime feeling… and keep it!

Here’s five ways to make sure you kick off your summer holiday in a healthy way.

1. Travel Smart


If you are planning a holiday and are prone to allergies, try and do some research about your destination before booking. It is usually best to stay away from damp, humid climates because tropical climates are a haven for mites, moulds and pollens. A trip to the seaside is a must on most holiday makers lists.


Being located around bays and having mild temperatures mean they’re low allergy destinations. Avoiding allergy triggers is one of the best ways to avoid negative reactions and a bunged up feeling this summer holiday!

2. Take care of your eyes


UV rays, warmer weather and the recycled air on aeroplanes can all trigger dry eye symptoms which can leave eyes feeling irritated and ‘gritty’ – ruining the excitement of going away and cutting short that holiday feeling.

Refreshing eye drops like Hycosan Fresh (RRP £8.99 Boots) uses natural ingredients including Euphrasia (Eyebright) and sodium hyaluronate to boost eye moisture and reduce redness. It’s preservative free and suitable for contact lens wearers too!

3. Slather up for supple summer skin


Our skin contains mostly water, so keeping it hydrated is essential for a healthy summer glow!

During the summer, high temperatures, humidity and intensive UV radiation can contribute towards less volume of water in the skin.


This can cause the skin to lose its elasticity making it appear dry and flaky. As well as keeping your skin hydrated through dietary intake, applying a daily moisturiser can help your skin to retain water so that it stays soft and supple.

Look out for moisturisers with built in SPF for extra protection.

4. Enjoy more oily fish


Being by the sea means that fresh fish is often close by and delicious, so use this opportunity!

Eat lots of nutrient-rich fish. Omega-3s, the fatty acids found in oily fish such as sardines, salmon and tuna steak will give you a great all round boost. Your joints, blood, heart and eyes all benefit from Omega-3s.


Try a high quality supplement like Omega Eye Liquid (available from which is rich in omega-3 fats EPA and DHA – just one teaspoon a day provides the same amount of omega 3’s as 9 tins of tuna.

5. Help beat the post holiday blue


We are all familiar with the post holiday blues, but optimising your gut bacteria may help to boost your mood. We are learning more and more about the link between the gut and the brain, known as the ‘gut-brain axis’.

We now know that bacteria in the gut are capable of producing and delivering substances such as our ‘happy hormone’ serotonin – in fact, the gut contains approximately 90% of the entire body’s serotonin.

Taking a probiotic regularly helps to maintain a healthy balance of beneficial bacteria within the gut.

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