For anyone wanting to seriously indulge, these Northern Irish dessert havens have just the answer for you…

Boasting everything from moreish doughnuts and giant profiteroles, to this year’s greatest food trend: the Freak Shake, make sure you check out these foodie highlights on your next ‘Treat Day.’ Go on, you deserve it!

1. Snickers Eclairs

Snckers Eclairs at Mauds

Where: Cafe Mauds  (555 Lisburn Road).

What: Eclairs with caramel and crushed Snickers – amazing! More varieties of these seriously appetising eclairs include: Belgium chocolate; Caramel; Nutella with crushed Kinder Bueno and white chocolate sauce; or Belgium white chocolate crushed raspberry ruffle and dark chocolate sauce.

Price: The Caramel and crushed snickers option is £2.80. Whilst the alternative varieties mentioned above range from £2.30 – £2.80.

2. Freak Jars

Chocolate Brownie & Mint Aero

Where: Vandal.

What: Desserts with a difference, we’ve been reliably informed from numerous sources that these Freak Jars are every chocoholic’s dream come true.

The Chocolate Brownie contains vanilla & chocolate ice cream with chocolate syrup, brownie pieces mixed throughout, whipped cream and a brownie on top with chocolate shavings! (Yes, really).

Whilst the Mint Aero boasts chocolate & mint ice cream with chocolate syrup and pieces of Mint Aero mixed throughout. This is topped off with whipped cream and (more!) Mint Aero.

Price: £6.50.

3. Homemade Profiteroles

Havana Bank Square

Where: Havana Bank Square (56-58 Berry Street).

What: Homemade Profiteroles contain Nutella chocolate cream filling, crushed chocolate hazelnuts, and a huge dollop of delicious chocolate sauce.

Price: £5.

4. Marshmallow Donuts

Raspberry & Marshmallow and Chocolate & Marshmallow Donuts

Where: Doughzy Donuts.

What: These new Raspberry & Marshmallow and Chocolate & Marshmallow Donuts were new to the shop this weekend! Hurry though – stock tends to sell out (very!) fast.

Price: All filled doughnuts are £1.60 (all rings are £1.40).

5. A Giant Profiterole

Cafe Vanilla

Where: Cafe Vanilla (Unit 13 Lisburn Leisure Park)

What: This giant profiterole consists of amazing pastry, filled with ice cream, smothered in warm chocolate sauce, and topped with nuts! Delicious.

Price: £4.95.

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