Famous Italian beauty brand Kiko has just opened its doors to their very first store in Belfast today.

It marks the first shop in the whole of Ireland and Northern Ireland for the highly-coveted brand.

Hundreds queue to enter the store!

Hundreds queued as they waited to enter the first Kiko store to open in Ireland

We attended the official launch today for a sneak peak before the doors opened – and as you can see, it was an instant hit – with crowds of several hundred beauty fanatics excitedly waiting for the doors to be flung open. And with good reason – the first 50 people through the doors received an exclusive Kiko gift card and the first 200 shoppers received a special gift with their purchase.

Here’s 15 things you need to know about Kiko – for anyone who’s not already a devoted fan.

1. Worldwide Brand


Kiko is one of the world’s most famous makeup brands, with 861 stores across the world. Being an Italian brand, almost 400 of these stores are actually in Italy. So chances are, if you’ve vacationed there – you’re probably already a fan!

2. New Store


The newest Kiko has been set up in Belfast’s William Street South – right beside Victoria Square in the former Pandora shop (which recently relocated to a new premises).

The store will be home to hundreds of products spread over 200 square metres for beauty lovers to experiment with new looks.

3. Family Owned


Kiko is actually a family business, which was the concept of son Stephano Percassi.

Stephano used to love going shopping with his mum when he was younger, where he loved the buzzing atmosphere of the beauty department. However, he quickly realised that all other departments seemed quite quiet – especially those that were less affordable.

So Stephano grew up with the vision of creating a buzzing, affordable global beauty brand that would be fun and accessible for all women. And he has certainly accomplished that dream with Kiko.

4. Accessible


Kiko’s motto has always been to ‘make beauty accessible.’

Therefore you won’t see Kiko in any other store, such as high-end department stores that mean high-end prices. In fact, Kiko strictly manages all of their own stores themselves.

Each store is a standalone store – and they don’t believe in celebrity endorsements, letting the brand speak for itself. And it speaks volumes.

5. Future Expansion


With 37 stores in the UK – and plans to open a further 35 in the next year – Kiko is a brand that is truly exploding.

And in even more good news, Kiko plans to open their first store in the Republic of Ireland next year too.

6. Water Eyeshadow


If you’re lucky enough to get down to Kiko today, there’s a chance you could get your hands on the 208 Water Eyeshadow in Ombres à Paupières.

A firm favourite with beauty bloggers across the world, this is understandably a seriously highly coveted item for your makeup bag. It’s sold out throughout the world, but Kiko Belfast managed to get some especially for their grand opening today – and it’s like gold dust!

Meanwhile, these Water Eyeshadows mean that with the simple addition of a drop of water to your palette, the look is seriously intensified and colour is enriched. And they’re only £8.90 a pop.

7. Skincare


Unlike many other beauty brands, Kiko’s extensive skincare range matches the high quality and choice in its makeup range.

Three years of research has gone into the latest range, which includes the Sublime Youth collection. This contains Retinol and ActiGlow to help fight wrinkles and nourish the skin.

Meanwhile, the revitalising cleansers and moisturisers cater for all skin types – from those that need to unclog their pores to those that want to mattif and fight shine.

8. Hero Products


Hero Products range from the Face Fixing Spray to the HD Powder – an invisible silk like substance which suits all skin tones that sets your makeup all day long.

9. Trends


Keeping up with the trends is important to Kiko – so they make sure they bring out four collections per year to cater especially for each season.

There’s also a ‘Look of the Week’ display at the front of the store with a host of lust-worthy products that match each other so well, from lipsticks to shadows and nail polishes.

You’ll find this AW 16 collection has a host of this season’s burgundy lipstick shades, as well as gold, sparkling eyeshadows, shimmering lipsticks and mattifying face products.

10. Price Point


The price point starts at a budget friendly £2.50 for fantastic lip liners that match every shade, whilst the Smart Lipsticks cost just £3.90. Designed for a younger audience or those that wish to experiment with colour. Whilst the Matte Lipstick is at the high-end of the scale at £10.90 – but boasts a seriously intense, long-lasting colour return.

Most makeup compacts cost £12.90, while the amazing Long Lasting Eyeshadow Stick – perfect for those wanting a rush of colour in a hurry – cost £6.90.

We also opted for the Unlimited Foundation which boasts amazing long-lasting coverage.

11. Allergy Tested


All products have been Paraben Tested (Parabens have a weak ability to mimic estrogen, and have been linked to breast cancer tumours and further health risks but are popular in many cosmetics and fragrances).

In good news for anyone with sensitive skin, all of Kiko’s products are also Hypo Allergy Free, with all eye products also Ophthalmologically Tested. Important for anyone prone to pesky eye infections!

12. Against Animal Testing


Unlike many other high profile beauty brands, Kiko is strictly highly against animal testing.

13. Complimentary Applications


Make-up artists will always be on-hand to perform complimentary makeup applications – meaning you can get your full look, the way you desire, perfectly applied. Free of charge!

14. Expert Trained Staff


The team of passionate beauty experts and makeup artists are more than happy to help with your every dilemma, from which foundation best suits your skin to what mascara you should opt for.

They’ve all been trained extensively in all there is to know about beauty products and the best options to suit everyone’s skin type – and it shows in their genuinely top notch customer service.

15. Testers For Each Product


With every single product boasting its very own tester for makeup lovers to play, sample and experiment with, Kiko’s new Belfast store is a positive makeup dreamhouse!

Kiko Belfast is situated in the city centre’s William Street South – right beside Victoria Square in the former Pandora shop. 

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