With this year’s new and improved Tennent’s Vital kicking off on Thursday, belfastvibe was invited to the launch to find out all of this years most exciting facts.

Here’s 13 reasons why we think this year’s Tennent’s Vital will be the most amazing yet!

1. It’s The Biggest Festival

Tennent's Vital

At 60m x 40m, Tennent’s Vital is the biggest festival stage in Northern Ireland!

2. Busy Bars


The Tennent’s bar, set up to cope with thirsty music-lovers, has the equivalent of 23 bus lengths of counter space!

3. 40K Tickets Sold

A sneak peak of the back stage dressing rooms during a site preview of Tennent’s Vital 2016 at Boucher Road Playing Fields

A sneak peak of the back stage dressing rooms headline acts RHCP and Avicii will be enjoying before their performance!

With headline acts Red Hot Chili Peppers headlining on Thursday night, in addition to Avicii’s last EVER sold-out gig – we’re not surprised over 40K tickets have been sold for each night!

4. It Pays To Get There Early

Tennents Vital Tues JC47

The first 3,000 people to arrive will be given a wristband which allows them access to the best position right in front of the stage.

The wristband also means you can come and go as you please if you need to visit one of the many portaloos or even top up your drink.

5. There’ll be 450 Portaloos

Portaloos are starting to take shape!

And hundreds of urinals – so you hopefully won’t be queuing for long!

6. It Boasts A Cutting Edge PA System


“The audio will be absolutely state of the art!” explained Paul Scott – the Event Co-Ordinator and Safety Officer for the entire Tennent’s Vital festival. We want his job!

7. Laser Show

Last year's Tennent's Vital

A special laser display will take place on Thursday when Fall Out Boy take to the stage, and of course Avicii is set to wow audiences with a spectacular wow-factor display when he takes to the stage in Belfast for his last ever performance.

In fact, so many special effects are set to take place that the organizers had to gain permission from the PSNI before getting the go-ahead!

8. Plans for Tennent’s Vital Begin Before Christmas

14087214_1469521023074886_1403090561_o (1)

“Negotiations begin before Christmas, then it all begins to ramp up.

“We want to bring the best acts to Northern Ireland that we can get. We think it’s good for Northern Ireland – and for the city!” explained Paul.

9. It Brings Thousands Of Jobs To Belfast

Tennents Vital Tues JC48

“We have 600 security personnel, about 350 bar staff, about 200 catering staff -a lot of whom are all local people. So that’s providing a lot of jobs in the area!”

10. 10K People From Outside Belfast

Tennents Vital Tues JC30

“It’s Avici’s last ever gig – so incredibly we’ve got more than 10,000 people not from the country coming to the concert. From as far away as Abu Dhabi, Germany to Italy!

“That’s great news for the local economy as hotel rooms, bars, restaurants – and trips to tourist attractions like the Giant’s Causeway! That’s all going to the local economy so we think it’s great for the city and Northern Ireland as a whole,” Paul told us.

11. There’s 45 Catering Options!

45 catering options!

We spied everything at the launch today, from fish & chips, crepe huts to burger stations – so you definitely won’t go hungry!

12. VIP


The VIP bar which boasts two storeys, was used recently at the British Grand Prix, as well as Ascot!

13. It Takes 5 – 6 Days To Clear!

Tennents Vital Tues JC64

“We bring lights in so that we can work through the night!” explained Paul. “It usually takes between five and six days. We take the PA and backlight down immediately, whilst the caterers also leave straight away.

“The next day the toilets will go and the stage roof will be dropped alongside all of the lights and speakers etc.

“It just keeps going until we’ve got it all down!”

Check out Tennent’s Vital for more info here – including how to get your hands on he final few pairs of Red Hot Chili Peppers tickets. 

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