We were lucky enough to enjoy one of the greatest burgers we’ve ever tasted last week – in Belfast’s first Hero Cafe, Jenz.

Ideally situated on the bustling Lisburn Road, we were blown away by the truly stunning menu and seriously mouth-watering food, complete with action-packed superhero themed décor and friendly customer service at this family-run business.

We’re so infatuated that we’ve came up with 12 whole reasons why we’ll definitely be returning for more Superhero action at Jenz!

1. The Hero Burgers

DSC_3685 copy (1)

The aptly named Hero Burgers are a befitting name for food that’s this darn good. If you haven’t tried a Hero Burger at Jenz, then you need to rectify this, immediately.

We opted for the seriously mouth-watering Son Of Odin – which boasted a crispy chicken fillet burger, bacon, onion rings, lettuce and sweet chilli sauce, and it was truly the stuff dreams are made of.

Meanwhile, our comrade opted for the Bruce Wayne with beef burger, cheese, bacon, lettuce, tomato, onion and house sauce – and it was similarly epic. And FYI – the sweet potato fries are the best we’ve ever had.

2. Could You Take On A Superhero?!


For anyone in need of a particularly powerful feed, for just £1.50 extra you can get double burgers and large fries – now that’s what we call bloody good value.

3. Hero Sandwich

Hero Sandwich

For anyone wanting to eat like a Hero with less impact to their waistline, the Hero sandwiches are equally unbeatable – especially on price.

They cost just £3.95 to sit-in, or £3.40 to take away.

4. The Superhero Theme


You’d be forgiven for associating Jenz with the famous Hippy Shakes – which we’ll come back to later – rather than massive burgers.

Having adopted its quirky Superhero theme around three to four years ago, Jenz spent £40K on a massive revamp complete with new kitchen. This led to the birth of the hugely popular Hero Burger Menu a year and a half ago.


Manager Robbie Rea explained: “I’ve always been into Superhero films and comics, and suddenly nerdy chic was becoming cool.

“Also, as a family business, it was important for us to create somewhere we love to be – we had to make sure there’s an incredibly enjoyable atmosphere!

“We get so many returning customers, from the cool, quirky crowd to couples and even people aged right up into their 60’s who grew up when superhero’s were cool! It’s so class to see such a varied crowd enjoying what we do.”

5. It’s The Perfect Place For Couples

20160614_164649 (1)

A vast majority of the returning customers are couples, who keep coming back for the great, high-quality food, and funky atmosphere.

“So many of our customers are couples,” Robbie explains. “It’s so good to see because that’s what we’re all about. There aren’t enough places to unwind and have a nice relaxing meal with your partner after work.

“We make good honest home-made food for a good price and you get a good feed! There’s not enough places doing that in Belfast. We’ve got the vibe of a nice, relaxing bar – but with food!”

6. Hippy Shakes

Before it became the impossibly cool Hero Cafe that it is today, we also loved Jenz for its equally amazing Hippy Shakes, which thankfully remain. With a large shake priced at just £2.95 you’d be forgiven for not predicting the high-quality, thick shake that follows.

But with a staggering six scoops of ice-cream and virtually any topping you can dream of transformed into one amazing sugaholic’s dream – it’s no wonder Jenz is famed for serving up some of the best shakes in Belfast!


Robbie explained to us he got the inspiration after experiencing ‘Shake Aways’ when he lived in Newcastle for university, and knew he had to bring them back to Belfast.

“As soon as we started the Hippy Shakes, we were literally queued out the door. It was great to be the first to do this sort of thing in Belfast!”

7. Hero Burger, Side & Drink For Under A Tenner

Hero Burger Menu at Jenz

Determined to create a menu that would suit young professionals who like to eat-out two to three times per week, Robbie explained that it was important for Jenz to keep the prices down:

“So many bars and restaurants in Belfast are charging London prices for food without delivering on the quality.


“The people who are eating out most often are people like me and you – young professionals in a couple who simply don’t have time to cook after work all the time and want to nip out for an enjoyable relaxing meal.

“But my girlfriend Nicola and I were finding that our meals would be over a tenner each – before drinks! People simply can’t afford that.

“That’s why it’s vital for us that you can afford to get your main – complete with side and drink – for under a tenner at Jenz, it makes us so much more accessible for people! Yet we make sure we deliver on quality and experience as well.

“The profit margins might be smaller for us, but it’s worth it.”

8. Local Quality Food


Despite the focus on offering value for money, Robbie is passionate about using high quality, local ingredients.

“We want to concentrate on good quality food, everything we use in the burgers is made locally. In fact, all the fruit and veg we use we get from nearby Whitten’s, which is just two shops away!”


“All of the meat is from the butchers beside us, Abbotts, a family business with their own farm.

“People can trust in our food because we know exactly where it comes from, meaning it’s a lot healthier and better for you than many of the alternatives out there charging more. It might mean we make a little less, but we want to offer the customer a truly delicious experience.”

9. Foodie Highlights

Raspberry Blueberry Mango and Apple smoothie.1

Other foodie highlights include the Superhero Fry – which offers two of everything for just £6.95.

Unsurprisingly, it has proven popular for hungover hens and stags – but we reckon we could justify it on a Sunday morning after a few too many the night before…


Jenz also offers a whopping range of mouth-watering hot food options, including paninis, toasties and fries – as well as great healthier alternatives such as freshly made salads. Somebody pass the menu.

10. Jenz Stands Out From The Crowd

Jenz Hero Cafe

Jenz has become a firm favourite in our list of epic places to go, but not just because of its excellent menu, local food and friendly service – it also offers something just that little bit different.

The Hero décor will have comic book fans on side straight away, and we loved the eclectic lighting, cosy seats, and nod to musical greats. As well as the diverse crowd, tight-knit friendly servers and competitive prices – particularly for the Lisburn Road!

11. The Opening Hours Are Out Of This World

Jenz Superhero Cafe

We’re growing resigned to most of our favourite restaurants and cafes shutting up early – or not opening at all – on a Sunday.

But Jenz is open 11am – 11pm every weekday, and until 6pm Saturday and Sunday.

In even better news, due to the phenomenal demand for burgers and breakfasts, Jenz will be even further extending their opening hours in July.

12. Delicious Vegetarian Menu Coming Soon

Soup and granary and pumpkin seed roll

Robbie, whose girlfriend is a vegan, has been developing a seriously tasty vegetarian menu after being introduced to the delicious food on offer.

“The menu will be packed with fresh, healthy vegetarian recipes such as veggie burgers & hot dogs and even some vegan options. We can’t wait to get it up and running!”


If you want to find out more and keep up to date with special offers and new additions to the menu, make sure you like Jenz on Facebook!

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