There are two types of graduates, those with jobs and those without.

And then there’s graduates from Queen’s, many of which are getting employment as well as doing all sorts of other brilliant things.

Here are 12 inspiring Queen’s graduates and what they’ve achieved…

1. Joanna Keenan

Joanna Keenan recently graduated with a PhD at Queen’s Institute for Global Food Security but has already secured a job as a research officer for Devenish Nutrition, a supplier of animal feeds for pigs and other animals.
Joanna examined pre-slaughter stress in relation to beef quality…
A pretty grim topic if you ask me. To celebrate, she brought along a piglet to her graduation (because nothing says graduation like a pig).

Photo/Paul McErlane

Joanna Keenan, Pic: QUB

 2. Fergal McFerran

Graduating with a degree in Politics, Philosophy and Economics, Fergal McFerran will be representing the interests of over two hundred thousand students as he takes on the role as President of the National Union of Students in Northern Ireland (NUS-USI).

Photo/Paul McErlane

Fergal McFerran, Pic: QUB

3. John McCaul

John McCaul graduated with a degree in Modern History and Politics and will celebrate with his fiancée.
But that’s not the end of his education – he plans to do a Master’s at Queen’s in a subject related to his undergraduate degree.

John McCaul

John McCaul, Pic: QUB

4. Aidan Bannon

Aidan Bannon helped to establish the Red Cross at Queen’s University and was named the UK’s Student Volunteer Of The Year 2014.
He graduated with a degree in Medicine and has already secured a job as a doctor at the Royal Victoria Hospital, Belfast.

Photo/Paul McErlane

Aidan Bannon, Pic: QUB

5 and 6. Danielle and Rouchelle Magee

Danielle graduated with a degree in Dentistry and Rouchelle with a degree in Medicine.
Sadly, they are going their separate ways after completing all of their education together, supporting each other the entire way.

Photo/Paul McErlane

Twins Danielle and Rouchelle Magee, Pic: QUB

7. Paul Loughran

Aside from graduating with a degree in Business Information Technology, Paul Loughran’s volunteering commitment and entrepreneurial drive has helped support the homeless community in Belfast, a great success.

Photo/Paul McErlane

Paul Loughran, Pic: QUB

8, 9 and 10. Victoria Potts, Alex Caskey and Adam Whiteside

Victoria Potts and Alex Caskey, graduates of Computer Science, and Adam Whiteside, graduate of computer games development, won the Ireland Funds Business Plan Competition for their product Visit, a smart phone app attempting to boost tourism in Northern Ireland.

Photo/Paul McErlane

Victoria Potts, Alex Caskey and Adam Whiteside, Pic: QUB

11. Stephen Armstrong

Archaeology student, Stephen Armstrong, has not only graduated with a First Class Honours MSci but has also recently been awarded British Institute In East Africa Graduate Attachment, meaning he’ll be heading of to East Africa to work on excavations for the next year.

IMBV-Stephen Armstrong

Stephen Armstrong hard at work, Pic: QUB

12. Jenny Marshall

Graduating with a First Class Honours in Nursing, Jenny had to overcome three brain tumours to achieve her dream. She has secured a job in the National Hospital for Neurology and Neurosurgery in London, where she had her final operation.

Photo/Paul McErlane

Jenny Marshall

The graduation ceremony also honoured Professor Pete Higgs, a Nobel Prize winning theoretical physicist as well as Helen Morrissey and Thomas Lynch, two of the UK’s most successful corporate executives. Professor Dame Ann Dowling was honoured as the current President of the Royal Academy of Engineering and Shaun T Kelly was honoured for his contribution to the local economy and fostering of business in Northern Ireland. For competing in the Winter Paralympics, Kelly Gallagher was honoured as well as her sighted guide Charlotte Evans.

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