It’s that time of year again.

People’s inner personalities are truly revealed as the day after Halloween the shops reach for the boxes of tinsel, snow globes and glittering baubles with a flourish. Are you the type of person who screams with delight (before unsuccessfully attempting to discreetly sneak the massive Santa Claus statue into the trolley. Side note, your other half is not quite as suggestible).

christmas meme

Or are you that person who takes great pleasure in rolling your eyes to the high heavens before ranting about the Christmas rush in the shops? (In other words, Scrooge… we’re clearly the former.)


Those daring enough to buck the trend for (at the very least) waiting until December to put up the trees, are now cluttering our Facebook newsfeed with fully decorated Christmas trees, twinkly lights and mistletoe. And we’re jealous.


As the Ballymena Bear goes viral, we’re proud that it more than holds it’s own against some of the biggest brand stores the UK high street has to offer.

So here’s our favourite Christmas ads to help put you in the jolly spirit – just incase, like us, you’re ‘not allowed‘ to put the tree up yet.

1. Mog


2. Man On The Moon

John Lewis

3. Ballymena Bear

Discover Ballymena

4. Jingle Bells

The Body Shop

5. Favourite Things


6. Discover More


7. The Red Stuff…

Coca Cola

8. Brussels Sprouts

Sky Movies

9. The Littlewoods Touch


10. Advent


11. Party Time


12. Sleigh Ride Christmas Shopping


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