Time has taught us that sometimes the best ways to treat your problems are unconventional, to say the least.

Be it medical issues, stress, or just a seriously bad hangover – us Northern Irish have truly adapted these ‘cures’ as our own.

God knows where half of them have come from, and we certainly doubt we’re the only nation that uses them – but here’s 10 cures Northern Irish people swear by. How many are you guilty of?!

1. A Wee Cuppa Tea

Cuppa tea

No matter what ails you, no matter the time of day. A cuppa tea will help solve all your problems. And a good gossip. Digestives optional.

2. 7Up Will Cure You


We’re not sure who exactly discovered this, and certainly can’t back it up with scientific evidence. But we’ve been very seriously informed in the past (from various sources) that 7Up is a known hangover cure.

And it does (sort of) work. Although it’s admittedly likely all the sugar is working its magic. (Nb: Best served with a side of hangover food and paracetamol).

3. Toothpaste Clears Your Skin

Toothpaste on spots

Forget Clearasil. Ignore all the beauty bloggers passionately sharing their skincare secrets online. If folklore is to be believed, all you need is a dab of toothpaste on your spots. Hey, if it saves time (and money) we’re not complaining.

4. Flat Coke For The Bug


You knew you were properly sick when your mum got out the flat coke. You just had to wait a few hours until you could drink any while your mum worked her magic.

5. Toast When You’re Better

Buttery toast

Whoever invented this one actually deserves a medal.

After we had a particularly bad stomach bug for days on end (in which we’d not be able to eat due to seeing it in reverse action approximately 35 seconds later) our mammy used to serve us up a round of buttered golden crunchy toast. And it was heavenly to our starved stomachs and satisfaction for our scratchy throats.

6. Hot Whiskey With A Side Of Lemsip

When things get serious

Whilst not *technically* doctor recommended, Northern Irish have discovered the cure to any sore throat. We don’t know if it actually works, or if the whiskey just helps numb the pain. But hey, we’ll keep drinking ’til we find out.

7. Light A Candle


Be it a driving test, tough exam, or just a routine hospital appointment – sometimes it just helps knowing our wee granny has promised to ‘light a wee candle for us.’ Sometimes we all need a bit of divine intervention.

8. Sukie


Be it a cold or simply a bad case of suffering from the night before, Sukie has genuine healing powers. Similarly to 7Up – we reckon it might be the sugar, but we’re definitely not complaining!

9. Gargle Salt & Water

Gargle salt and water

Don’t reveal to anyone here that your throat is sore – unless you want a spoonful of this disgusting concoction in your mouth!

10. Drink!


When all else fails, or life simply isn’t going your way – we’re never shy of the aul drink. Sure we’ll worry about it in the morning!

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