Although we live in a world where most things are available on demand, there’s nothing quite like watching a major sporting event live.

Sadly, due to time-zone differences we’re sometimes forced to forgo sleep in order to see such global spectacles.

At the upcoming Olympics many of the popular track, swimming and team events will be aired in the early hours of the morning which means that millions will lose out on sleep.

Here’s how to warm up for your very own Olympic no-sleep-sessions, thanks to expert sleep advisor Dave Gibson…

1.    Adjust your body clock. So go to bed later the night before and get up later on the day of the event. Try to stay awake up to the time the event is over rather than setting your alarm clock for race time. Make sure that your bedroom blocks out the morning light the next day so you think it’s still dark outside.

2.    Take a nap during the day, stores up your sleep for later

3.    Don’t overdo it in the day, take it easy, don’t burn yourself out with exercise, try to postpone it until the day after the event

4.    Don’t eat starchy sugary foods in the run up to the event or during, they will give you an energy / sugar burst too early and you will crash later as the event is on

5.    Keep your room as bright as possible at night and as you watch the event to keep you awake as your body clock will think it is still daytime

6.    Watch it with a friend, as it’s easier to stay awake with company

7.    Drink caffeine in a small amount just before the event starts, and then in small amounts during. This will keep you awake for longer

8.    Eat high-energy food, which is harder to digest such protein during the event. Protein bars and fruit such as apples are good, so is tuna, cheese and eggs.

9.    Don’t drink alcohol it will send you to sleep quicker

10. Open windows and doors to keep fresh air circulating, if it’s too hot and stuffy you could nod off.

Dave Gibson BSC is an expert sleep advisor at bed makers Warren Evans.

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