Based in the heart of the thriving Stranmillis area, Honest Pizza Company is the proud original and only genuine sourdough pizza company in the whole of Belfast.

With a focus on fresh, delicious, expertly crafted pizza, you’ll never want to order from anywhere else again after you’ve tasted one of these authentic sourdoughs!

1. Unique

Honest Pizza Company is exactly that. Honest.

Honest’s delicious Sourdough is expertly made on the premises daily and matured for a minimum of 48 hours.

During this maturing stage, most of the gluten breaks down and an unmatchable flavour develops resulting in a pizza that is easy to digest and tastes amazing.

The resulting almost complete lack of gluten also means you won’t suffer from that horrible bloated feeling that comes from other takeaways.

2. Finest Ingredients

Honest ensures only the highest quality ingredients are used, by importing only the finest quality cheese and salamis weekly from Italy. Whilst they source all pork, bacon and chicken from local Irish producers.

That means no horrible preservatives – you know exactly what you’re getting!

3. FRESH – Not Frozen!

Meanwhile, all of Honest’s fruit and vegetables are always fresh and locally sourced. So there’s nothing frozen, nothing nasty, only premium products all the way.

In fact, whilst you may be under the impression that the herb and chilli plants plotted throughout the vibrant premises are just for decoration, owners Andrew Porter and Michael Burnside use them throughout their spectacularly fresh pizzas.

“Myself and Michael knew when we began Honest Pizza Company that we wanted to create something unique,” Andrew explained.

“It took almost seven months creating recipes until we finally found a dough that we were happy with. There was no point just opening up another average pizza shop with average ingredients, we wanted a Unique Selling Point. And that’s our sourdough!”


“It’s nice and crisp, with nice flavour and a nice chew to it, but most of all the gluten that gives most people that bloated feeling is gone. But the bottom line is taste. It’s so delicious!”

“In order to create the perfect base we start work on Saturday’s pizza on Wednesday – because it takes time and expertise to create the perfect Sourdough base! It takes a lot of skill, and a lot of practice – it took a lot of research to get the recipe right.”


“We don’t buy in our dough or even worse, buy it frozen like other restaurants or takeaways –  our dough is made on the premises using Italian flour and a sourdough starter which results in a tastier, crispier and healthier pizza!”

4. Focus


Tellingly, you won’t find things like wedges, wings or the like on Honest’s menu, because they prefer to do one thing and do it well. And it’s so clearly evident in the high quality of their food.

5. Location

Located in the vibrant foodie destination that is Stranmillis village, unsurprisingly Honest has proven popular amongst all age-groups, from students, young professionals, families and even pensioners. Good pizza definitely unites all!

6. Exciting New Additions

With a staggering six new pizzas coming soon, including The Green Goddess with a green pesto sauce, to The Vampire Killer with stacks of garlic, exciting things are happening at Honest Pizza Company in the coming months…

7. Sandwiches


In fact, as soon as August, Andrew tells us Honest will be open during the day for sandwiches, which similarly to the pizzas will all based on the finest ingredients.

Meaning Honest will soon be the only sandwich shop that bakes its very own sourdoughs on the premises!

With this in mind, Andrew and Michael are working on an Italian inspired deli, offering the freshest ingredients as well as delicious pasta!

8. Nespresso Coffee


The guys at Honest have also partnered with Nespresso to bring us the very best, high quality coffee from Nespresso.

In fact, only 1 to 2% of the world’s coffee production meets the high standards of quality set by Nespresso – so you know not much comes close in terms of quality!

Also coming at the start of August, Honest will also be boasting freshly squeezed orange juice for breakfast.

9. Value Meal Deals

From the money saving Student Deal (which gets you any 12″ pizza with house made tomato sauce, real Italian mozzarella cheese and two toppings of your choice, a garlic pizza bread and a drink all for just £8.95), to the perfect-cosy-night-in Meal for Two option (for only £11.95) – to name just a few – Honest Pizza Company boasts amazing meal deals.

Particularly when you take into account the premium products and love, care and attention that goes into each pizza!


Which is why it recently earned a place in our Belfast On A Budget: 11 Places To Eat & Drink Without Breaking The Bank.

10. Available For Collection – And Takeaway

Having always been available for collection, Honest Pizza Company also recently signed up for Deliveroo. So now you can enjoy the likes of the mouth-watering Meat Locker from the comfort of your own home!

Currently available for collection, Honest’s staggeringly budget-friendly meal deals will also soon be ready for delivery via Deliveroo, alongside the rest of the menu.


Check out Honest at and make sure you Like their Facebook page for updates!

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