Adventure is everywhere. It doesn’t matter if you tread those cobbled streets on the daily or you’re a new explorer in the city, Belfast is full of discoveries, and all you need to do is put one foot in front of the other. Summer isn’t over yet!

Our friends at Yelp Belfast, who recently carried out a 40 Days Of Belfast campaign, have used some of the pictures submitted to come up with a list of 5 fantastic places to explore before the sun goes in — complete with insider tips and top-rated hidden gems to keep you fuelled along the way.

1. Visit the The Cathedral Quarter.


St Anne’s Cathedral is at the heart of Belfast’s booming Cathedral Quarter. Made up of cobbled streets and winding paths, all roads seem to lead to the Cathedral in this stunning area of the city.


With bars and restaurants aplenty, a must-see stop off is the Duke of York, for those in need of a bite and a brew.


Need caffeine? Grab a cup of joe at the minimalist Established Coffee, often hailed the best coffee in Belfast!

“Whether it’s chemed, aeropress or just a standard cup of joe you’re looking for, this is the place.” — Laura C, Established Coffee, Yelp.

2. Have a drink on the rooftop terrace at Robinson & Cleaver.


Did you know that the first stone of Belfast City Hall was laid in 1898 and the whole structure was completed just eight years later? With exceptional views of this magnificent building, Robinson & Cleaver is the perfect place to wind down a long summer evening and ruminate on a piece of Belfast history. Insider tip: Phone ahead to secure a table overlooking City Hall. No space on the rooftop terrace? Check out the newly refurbished Apartment and you can sit inside to enjoy the stunning views — we can’t promise it won’t rain.


“A culinary jewel… Will be making a beeline for this place all through the summer months.” — Ciara S, Robinson & Cleaver, Yelp.

“The best thing about The Apartment is it’s proximity and views of Belfast City Hall, especially by night when the City Hall has its light show on.” Stevie M, The Apartment, Yelp.

3. Have a walk around Belfast’s famous Titanic Quarter, see the famous H&W Cranes, Visit T13 and step on board the SS Nomadic.


Sure, everyone knows about the Titanic, but the SS Nomadic is as much a part of the story as the big boat herself — even if it wasn’t immortalised by Leonardo DiCaprio… Known as ‘The Mini Titanic’, this glorious vessel has been fully restored to its 1911 glory.

“The tour guide was fantastic and showed us around everywhere while explaining the history of the ship.” — Emma M, SS Nomadic, Yelp.



Peckish? Grab a bite from The Dock Cafe, This is an honesty based cafe, food and drinks are sold on a donation basis!

4. Have a walk up Cave Hill and breathe in the breathtaking views of Belfast City.


No adventure would be complete without taking in a little country air, and Belfast has that right on the doorstep. Fill your lungs and gaze at the glory. Insider tip: Belfast Castle is the ideal pitstop half way up the hill — make sure you check out the cat-themed garden! If you’re feeling the heat even before the long walk up, grab an ice cream treat at Rossi’s on Antrim Road to accompany you on your trek.


“When you get to the main look out point (The Fort) it is all worth it.” — Andrew B, Cavehill Country Park, Yelp.

“This is the creamiest, fluffiest, lightest, most delicious ice cream.” — Lyra M, Rossi’s, Yelp.

5. Go on an epic Game of Thrones Tour.


This is a must do for any GoT fanatic and much better in the summer sunshine. The tour covers all shooting locations in Northern Ireland, including the famous Dark Hedges, and is a visual spectacle — even if you don’t watch the show. It’s not just the great outdoors that’ll make an impact on you, you’ll get a chance to improve your adventurer skills too…

“Other exciting parts of the tour included meeting a dire wolf, dressing up in costume and posing with weapons for photos, and getting a swordplay lesson!” — Emma M, Game of Thrones Tour, Yelp.

Still hungry for more? You can see more incredible images of Belfast, and get more insider tips first-hand from the Yelp Community, at the 40 Days Of Belfast gallery event, Wednesday August 19 at 7pm!

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