Where exactly is dog friendly in Belfast?

When the sun finally decides to shine in Belfast, we need to make the most of it. We can’t think of a nicer way to enjoy those highly-sought after rays of sunshine then stepping out with your family or significant others to enjoy a light bite, coffee, or good aul’ beer. And guess who we’d like to include? Yes, the dog.

Too often left at home due to our Norn Iron weather, it’s nice to be able to include our four-legged friends when we finally get the chance.

But herein lies a problem. Tales of being reprimanded and asked to leave by scary bar-staff have scared us off. Hotspots boasting such glorious outside spaces you’d think must have been build with dogs in mind – can be expressly not dog friendly.

You need a list of all the best dog friendly bars, restaurants and cafes in Belfast.

Have you anymore recommendations?

1. 5A

Lockview Rd

5a is seriously dog friendly

Super dog friendly coffee shop and bakery 5A gets top spot for their enthusiasm and attention to detail.

Not only is this famous little Stranmillis cafe always packed to the rafters, the fantastic outside seating area is always packed out with happy cyclists and dog-walkers who love sitting with their pets soaking up the buzzing atmosphere outside. Staff even ensure they always have two bowls of water outside for their “wee doggy friends.”

Check out the adorable Dogs of 5A on their Facebook page!

2. Lock Keeper’s Inn

2 Lock Keepers Lane. Miltown Rd

The banks of the Lagan Towpath is famous for dog walking, making The Lock Keepers Inn the perfect stop off for a coffee, breakfast, lunch or snack.

Naturally, the outside spot is one of the best places in Belfast to bring your four legged member of the family. The picnic benches and green grass make the ideal setting to chill – and you’re more at risk of looking out of place here if you don’t have a dog.

The vibrant atmosphere here on a sunny day is second to none, and the dogs are always well looked after by attentive staff well-used to pets.

Lock Keeper's Inn

For humans, the best of local ingredients at the inn promises to bring you good food in a friendly and relaxed atmosphere.

3. The Dirty Duck Alehouse

2-4 Kinnegar Rd Holywood

The famous Dirty Duck Alehouse has a fantastic dog friendly beer garden boasting spectacular panoramic views – and it does a great pint too!

4. Birdcage

92 Stranmillis Rd
Birdcage - dog friendly
Birdcage’s outside seating area is a gorgeous place to sit on a sunny day, and it’s made all the better by the friendly staff who are above and beyond attentive, making sure your pet pooch is well catered for with its own little bowl of water.

5. The Barking Dog

33-35 Malone Rd

Fittingly, dogs are also allowed in the garden of the Barking Dog – no pun intended. Which is one of the best places to enjoy the rays of sunshine with a cocktail – and some mouth-watering Tapas!

6. Cargoes Cafe & Bistro

611 Lisburn Rd

Cargoes on the bright buzzing Lisburn Rd offers the perfect outdoor seating area for people watching – and its dog-friendly too.

We often spot gorgeous pups curled up at the owners’ feet when we’re here – so we double checked with the lovely staff who confirmed with us that they are definitely dog-friendly. They even have a hook outside for dogs to be hooked onto. However, they prefer the customer to stay with the dog and not leave it outside alone.

We think this is both considerate of other diners, and should hopefully avoid any Marley & Me style fiascos.

7. Miel et Moi

701 Lisburn Rd

Miel et Moi with its fresh Patisserie, Champagne & Cocktails is another hotspot perfect for sitting outside and enjoying the weather. Even better? Dogs are allowed in the outside seating area – they love the green grass and cooling umbrellas offering them some relief in the shade.

8. The Albany

701-703 Lisburn Rd

Just next door to Miel et Moi, the Albany has a thriving outside seating area which is dog friendly.

9. Barnams

603 Lisburn Rd


Directly across the road from Cranmore Park, Barnams is a great family friendly ice cream parlour and cafe.

The owner explains that he is a massive dog lover himself, and therefore makes sure the outside area is kept dog friendly with the obligatory massive bowl of cool water for sunny days.

10. The King’s Head

King's Head

Similarly, friendly bar staff are more than happy for you to bring along your furry friends to the outside area of The King’s Head – and are more than happy to supply the all-important touch of a big bowl of water!

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