Entrepreneur Joseph McMullan’s latest business venture has been a Knockout success thanks to his passion for his industry.

Knockout Brewing 2

Joseph McMullan

The 28-year-old launched his one-man micro brewery last month and is already boasting an 80% success rate.

Of his initial production supply Joseph has less than 20% left and is already clocking up the orders throughout the country.

Knockout Brewery is already being distributed by well known company Anzac Wines & Spirits and is currently stocked by 15 bars and off-licences throughout Northern Ireland.

Joseph discovered a passion for creating unique brews which grew out of a home brewing hobby.

Joseph McMullan

Joseph McMullan

He said: “Getting my start in home brewing, I became interested in making unique brews using high quality ingredients, which soon gained popularity among my friends and family.

“I realised that this could be more than a hobby, and began work on Knockout Brewing in November 2013. Installation of the brew house was complete in August 2014, and I soon began to brew my first batches of Knockout.

“It’s been a lengthy process from installation and licensing to brewing my first batch and refining the flavours from there, but I am very proud of the premium quality beers Knockout is producing.”

The current range of Knockout Brewing beers includes an Irish Red Ale and IPA, with future brews planned for the coming months including an American Pale Ale and a stout or porter.

To stay up to date with new flavours and stockists of the brand follow Knockout Brewing on Facebook or Twitter @KnockoutBrewing.

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