These are two of the most secure guys in Belfast.

They’re part of a team who are safer than houses.

They are officially Northern Ireland’s best security guards.

The team of 30 security officers based at Queen’s University won the accolade for Best Team in Northern Ireland at the British Security Industry Association (BSIA) Security Personnel Awards.

They have a reputation for impeccable teamwork, stepping in to cover each other through sickness and holidays.

The team’s efficiency was highlighted in 2014, when on campus floods threatened valuable property as well as staff and student safety. The team were quick to respond by cornering off dangerous areas – successfully preventing further damage.

Similarly, the team responded to icy conditions during the winter months (going above and beyond their call of duty) by laying down grit where necessary. This resulted in fewer claims towards the university.

A team spokesperson commented, “At Queen’s University Belfast, the successful delivery of Sword Security’s service is down to a team effort and everyone in the team is a vital component to its success.”

Keep up the good work guys!

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