Nathan Evans is to represent Northern Ireland in Atlanta, US, after he was picked out as the countrys top barman by Coca Cola.


Nathan Evans

The barman from Marys Bar and Secrets Nightclub in Magherafelt was chosen as the Coca-Cola Signature Serve Bar Tender.

The contestants in the Coca-Cola Signature Serve programme had been battling it out through a series of training programmes in their own outlets, followed up by mystery shops before being selected to compete in the grand final.

But the question is how did he do it?

Here are Nathans Top 6 Tips To Being A Winning Bartender:

1. Sweeten the deal
“Always offer your drinks reps a tea, coffee or drink. Keep them sweet they’ll keep you sweet”

2. No freebies
“Never give your mates free drinks. Cause if you lose your job they will be buying the drinks till you get a new job”

3. Knowing what the customers want
“The hot girl/guy at the end of the bar winking at you doesn’t want your number. They just want to be served next”

4. Only boring people get bored
“No matter how uninteresting the customer seems you may learn something new. So always seem interested”

5. Remember my name
“Remembering a customer’s name will get you a 50p tip, but remembering what they drink gets you a quid”

6. Fun times
“Always go and have fun behind the bar. If you appear to having fun working then customers will enjoy being there”.

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