This week Women in Business, an organisation which has assisted thousands of business women and men from across Northern Ireland to climb the career ladder, start their own business and develop their networks, will rebrand.

In celebration of the new look, it is offering new members the opportunity to join Women in Business for only £25.

To find out more click HERE.

And if that doesn’t convince you – here are 11 Reasons to join Women In Business:

1. Achieve your ambitions
Women in Business provides funded programmes and unique networking opportunities to assist women and men in business to achieve their ambition through sustainable business connections.

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2. Peer support through networking
More and more business women say that after attending Women in Business networking events they have found new clients, new suppliers and mentors to support their business.

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3. Connect
Build sustainable business connections to ultimately impact on the bottom line.

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4. Formal and informal mentoring
There are opportunities for business leaders to become a mentor and help others achieve their goals or those wishing to achieve their ambition can receive mentoring through Women in Business.

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5. Personal and professional development
There are numerous ways to develop your career with Women in Business membership – through attending events, entering the Women in Business awards, participating in mentoring.

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6. Events
Choose from 50+ annual events to develop your business skills and connections – members are offered a choice of events throughout the day from breakfast briefings to lunchtime and even happy hour events in order to fit into their busy lives.

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7. Grow
Grow your confidence, grow you ambition, grow your business/career – with the help of likeminded business leaders, managers, owners and mentors who are only too willing to assist, encourage and empower their peers.

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8. Learn
New skills from business experts at Master classes – subjects include finance, marketing, customer service and are hosted by experts in these areas.

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9. Access to international business networks
Women in Business is committed to linking members with business women from across the globe.

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10. Link with likeminded business women and men
They are guaranteed to motivate other members to build their business and increase their profits. Even in this world of facetime, skype and email, people still like to do business with people and attending events an meeting people face to face is imperative for business growth.

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11. Become part of the largest growing network in Northern Ireland
Already more than 1,200 business women and men are members of Women in Business and with the new £25 membership offer that number is set to rise rapidly.

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