12 of Northern Ireland’s most forward-thinking and inventive people have been short-listed to go through to the finals of the INVENT 2015 competition.

At stake is a position on the NI Tech Mission to California and a chance to compete for a share of the £33,000 prize fund, as well as money-can’t-buy mentoring, networking and business development through the Northern Ireland Science Park’s NISP CONNECT.


The competition received 82 entries across 6 categories this year from industries such as Agri-Food, Creative Media and Consumer Internet, Electronics, Enterprise Software, Life and Health.

The Top 12 will now embark on a unique six month process supported by NISP CONNECT, which will see their inventions challenged and refined by some of the best mentors and advisors in the NI science, tech and business worlds.

Here they are:

INBV-INVENT Damien CoyleNueroConcise
Life and Health
Invented by Dr Damien Coyle, a doctor and researcher for 15 years.
NeuroCONCISE offers a wearable neurotechnology that non-invasively measures and translates brainwaves into control signals that allow people to communicate and interact with computers without moving. The technology has already been trialled by stroke survivors and spinal cord injured.

INBV-INVENT Ricky and Chris Martin, SkunkworksSkunkworks
Led by brothers Chris and Ricky Martin from Portrush.
Skunkworks has invented a custom made heat bonding technology that bonds boards together using heat instead of glues and adhesives, which break down and fall apart. The boards become one single, solid unit once finished.

INBV-INVENT Alexandra Frazer, Equi-Liquid GoldEqui-Liquid GOLD
Invented by Alexandra Frazer, originally from Sydney, who is an equine scientist and nutritionist.
What is it? Equi-Liquid Gold is a natural anti-inflammatory supplement for horses. The company has developed a liquid turmeric product for the management of horses’ joint problems and optimising joint health.

INBV-INVENT Fiona McLaughlin, PingsterPingster
Creative Media and Consumer Internet
Invented by animator, Fiona McLaughlin; software developer Ronan Duddy and marketer Patrick Catterall.
An online platform for children of 7-14 years old to share digital ideas and collaborate on projects. Pingster is an online community driven by kids who love to tinker, play and create using technology.

INBV-INVENT Johnathan Dalzell, NextGen BiopesticidesNextGen Biopesticides
The company is headed by Dr Jonathan Dalzell from Queen’s University, who was the Agri-Food category winner of INVENT 2014.
NextGen Biopesticides are using selective breeding approaches to develop more effective organic biopesticides. They are working with insect parasitic nematodes, that is, microscopic worms that find and kill pest insect larvae in the soil.

INBV-INVENT Mark Fletcher, Cardinal AnalyticsCardinal Analytics
Enterprise Software
Invented by Dr Mark Fletcher.
Cardinal Analytics predicts when a corporate bond is going to default – and provides advanced warning to fund managers. This will directly benefit asset managers, investment banks, hedge funds, insurance and pension funds.

INBV-INVENT Wayne Denner with Julie Ann O'Hare from Bank of IrelandRepselfie
Creative Media and Consumer Internet
Developed by social media guru, Wayne Denner.
Repselfie has developed a Smartphone App for IOS & Andriod, which helps Social Media users protect and manage their Online Reputation. 93% of recruiters use social media to screen applicants and 50% are screened out based on negative social media content. The app empowers people to take control of their online presence.

Led by Research Fellow at the Centre for Secure Information Technologies (CSIT), Neil Hanley; amongst others.
PicoPUF is a tiny semiconductor IP core that provides strong unique authentication for even the cheapest microchip. It provides a digital fingerprint for electronic devices. The technology provides a low-cost hardware root of trust for connected systems, enabling a safer and more secure ‘The Internet of Things’.

INBV-INVENT Chirag Gujral, Re-VanaRE-VANA
Life and Health
Invented by Re-Vana is led by Dr. Chirag Gujral and Dr. Raghu Raj Singh Thakur, both originally from India but now living in Belfast, as well as Prof. David Jones.
RE-VANA is working on new drug delivery system that can provide significant long-term benefits for patients who are elderly or diabetic and are suffering from severe eye diseases that can lead to blindness.

INBV-INVENT Fabien Campbell West, Cognition VideoCognition Video
Enterprise Software
Led by Dr Fabian Campbell West who is a Senior Engineer at CSIT
Cognition Video is a flexible software program that automatically analyses video and understands the content. The intelligent algorithms can recognise and track people, determine age and gender and identify behaviour.

INBV-INVENT Barry Reynolds, Reynolds SportsReynolds Sports
The company is headed by Barry Reynolds whose family has a long history and involvement with the GAA
A synthetic Hurling stick, replicating the specific qualities of Ash with at least 50% more strength. Ash dieback has spread to nearly every county in Ireland.

INBV-INVENT Michael Little, Attach and TrackAttach and Track
Invented by Micheal Little of DM Innovations.
Attach and Track is a new coin-sized security tag that can be easily attached to any valuable item. Tagged items that are lost or misplaced can be found in seconds using a smartphone App or a new cloud-linked tag locator module that can also be programmed to sound an alarm if particular tags enter or leave a protected area.

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