If there’s one thing you don’t need any careers consultant to tell you it’s that your CV is the most important part of your jobseeking arsenal.

These days it’s not just about writing a decent CV, it’s about writing an amazing one.

Being a student, I have undergone hours of CV training. Admittedly, many of the hours were spent yawning.

So, to spare you from a career’s consultant or hours of internet scrolling for tips – here’s a breakdown of 10 ways to make your CV awesome…

1. Make The Beginning Good

First impressions are made in under 10 seconds – yes, even on paper.

2. Add Evidence

If you say you’re a great team leader, prove it.

3. Be Specific

Okay so you have led a teams before but what kind of team was it and how did you lead it so well?

4. Do Your Research

What does the career you want ask of you? If you’re wanting to be a sports coach, that football team you played in might seem more relevant.

5. Match The CV To The Job

Having a generic CV for every job you ever apply for is just silly. Figure out what skills specific employers are looking for and tailor you CV appropriately.

6. Cut It Down

Two pages max, that’s the rule. You may find your grades from age five of interest but the employer won’t.

7. Make The Most Of Your Words

With only two pages available, you need to be careful. Try restructuring your sentences to use the least words possible (while still sounding intelligent!) .

8. Build A Personality

A robot didn’t write your CV, you did. Usually the next stage after a CV is an interview so make these people want to meet the person behind the paper.

9. Know The Country Your Applying To Work In

In the rest of Europe it’s expected that you will attach a head-shot to your CV. If you don’t look up common expectations like this an employer might assume you don’t want the job that badly.

10. Keep It Updated

This doesn’t just mean add to your CV as you gain experience, it means to filter stuff as it fades into distant history of becomes irrelevant to your career.

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