Swedish home furnishings retailer IKEA have launched a recruitment drive for its Belfast store, hoping to give 40 retail hopefuls a new career in the industry.

INBV-IKEA co worker 1IKEA Belfast recently invested around £250,000 in up-skilling and training local co-workers for managerial and team leader positions, leaving 40 roles available in this latest recruitment push.

The part time positions, which will range from 16 to 24 hours per week, span across a wide variety of opportunities in store including sales, customer services, logistics, IKEA Food and product recovery.

The store is also in the process of recruiting a number of new full time visual merchandisers.

IKEA’s Fast Tracker graduate scheme allows for such opportunities to be explored, where co-workers can apply to fast track their development and career progression, with the aim to become future store managers. The programme runs over the course of two years, with opportunities to gain experience in other stores across the UK and Ireland, helping to lead projects and develop departments. In recent months, two co-workers from the Belfast store have gained experience positions in other stores in England.

IKEA Belfast opened in 2007 and currently employs 280 co-workers, over 1 million shoppers per year visit the store. For further information on the employment opportunities at the store, please visit www.ikea.co.uk/jobs. Applications close on Wednesday 27 May 2015.

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Here’s the company’s 10 reasons why you’ll want to work for them:

1. Plenty of wiggle room
IKEA has more different jobs than any other company in the world, so if a co-worker gets tired of what they’re doing, or just wants to try something else, they can move into a new role within IKEA.

2. Check your ego at the door
IKEA co-workers are down-to-earth, hard workers with a genuine willingness to work together. Life long friendships can be formed, while working as a team will inspire all involved. If you ask co-workers why they stay, their number one response is “because of the people”.

3. Speaking of inspiration…
IKEA has clear values, yes they want to make things, but they want to make things better. It’s hard not to get inspired by all the creative that will surround you. Almost 80% feel inspired at work, and they’re working on the other 20%!

4. It’s okay to make mistakes
There’s a saying at IKEA that it’s okay to make mistakes – everyone does it. In fact, IKEA think it’s a healthy way to learn and improve.

5. Belfast today, China tomorrow
IKEA has stores and offices in more than 44 countries, not just Sweden! The business values and ideas are shared worldwide so moving from country to country is not uncommon.

6. However, you won’t be flying first class
…and this is a good thing! IKEA aren’t big on fancy titles, corner offices or private jets. This means you get to work as a team member, have fun and get on with the job.

7. It’s rewarding
Isn’t it better to work for a company you can be proud of? The IKEA Foundation has helped millions of children, families and refugees around the world through various global and local fundraising projects, and they’re working on the never-ending job of being kinder to the environment too.

8. Age ain’t nothing but a number
So, you’re only 22 but you could still be in control of a £30M budget; if you’re the right person for the job, learning with support and coaching is way of life at IKEA.

9. A life outside of work is important
IKEA is a business, but it is their policy to put people first, and people have lives outside work that include families and responsibilities. You’ll be working in an understanding and parent-friendly environment.

10. The original social network
As we’ve already mentioned, the people you work with will also become your friends. There will be someone to turn to in every major city around the world. That’s a big social network.

To find out more about the new jobs available at IKEA Belfast, and for more benefits of working at IKEA, visit www.ikea.co.uk/jobs.

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