Northern Ireland consumers should ditch their New Year quick-fix or fad diets that over-promise dramatic results and instead focus on safe, long term weight loss and lifelong habits for health.

That’s the message from safefood as they launch a free smartphone ‘weightmate’ app to help people to lose weight in a healthy way – and keep it off.


The ‘weightmate’ app features a daily weight and physical activity tracker as well as more than 400 calorie-counted recipes developed by nutritionists. Users can plan and track their meals and activities to help them reach their own weight loss goals.

The app also features a ‘Groups’ function  whereby users can set up their own weight loss or physical activity group in their own community or workplace; or join an existing group in their local area.


weightmate’ from safefood is free to download for both iPhone and Android and is available in the iTunes App Store and Google Play.


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