As soon as hypnosis is mention what image pops into your head?

For some it’s a swinging pendulum, for others it’s the stage hypnotist and the expectation that people can be made to cluck like a chicken and eat raw onions.

But what is the truth behind these common misconceptions?

Belfast hypnotherapist Warren York is setting the record straight.

INBV-Warren York

Here’s his 10 Myth Busting Facts:

1. You can be made to do things against your will
Nobody will violate their own moral code during hypnosis. Even in stage hypnosis the participants want to perform and are there to enjoy the experience. Noone can be hypnotised against their will.

2. You will be in the hypnotists power and lose control
Clinical hypnotherapists aren’t like the top hat and cloak wearing mesmerisers from Hollywood movies. Just as in full consciousness if you hear a suggestion you disagree with, your unconscious mind would reject it. You are in full control at all times.

3. You won’t remember anything
It is possible that not everything in hypnosis will be remembered. You enter a natural state like drifting off to sleep or just wakening up so you may not recall everthing.

4. Only weak-minded people can be hypnotised
In fact the smarter a person is the better they are at being hypnotised. Some concentration is required with the ability to use your imagination and visualise.

5. Hypnosis is supernatural or magic
While the hypnotherapist should be very skilled at what they do, hypnotherapy is based on psychology, using the natural power of the client’s own subconscious to make changes to beliefs or behaviours.

6. I might “get stuck” in hypnosis
The trance state is one that we enter many times a day. Drifting to and from sleep, being absorbed in a good book or movie or even driving!
You may fall asleep during hypnosis but will awaken naturally feeling great.

7. Hypnosis is like sleep
While hypnosis can be a very relaxing experience the client can speak and respond to questions and move around. In fact hypnosis is more about focusing attention rather than sleep.

8. You can regress to a past life
In hypnotherapy we don’t regress people to past lives but can regress a client to an earlier time in their lives to discover the cause of an issue and deal with it at a deeper level or from a different perspective.

9. Will I reveal my innermost secrets?
Only if you want to. You can choose to reveal or conceal whatever you wish. If you have issues that you would rather keep confidential be assured that you can keep them so. Any information that you do choose to give is kept confidential between clinician and client.
Always make sure your hypnotherapist is qualified and registered with the appropriate bodies.

10. All my problems will be fixed in 1 session.
For some issues this is true. Most people can successfully stop smoking in one session for instance. For other issues like IBS, stress and phobias, although some improvement can be seen in one session, a number of sessions are required to make deep and lasting changes.

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