Remember when you used to skip?  Wasn’t it fun?

Let’s take a trip back to days when life was simpler and we were allowed to skip and have fun all day long.

And we have the perfect excuse…we’re shaping up for the summer.

The thing about Skipping is that it burns calories, tones all sorts of muscles, and even gives your brain a workout (it’s all that coordination).

In fact, it’s so good for you, there’s a new wave of skipping classes across the UK, and fitness experts everywhere are predicting it’ll be on trend fitness regime of 2015.

So what other child-hood games can keep us fit? Here the top 4 from Fitness First master trainers and ambassadors:

TOPICAL Skipping 0940791. Skipping
“Traditionally seen as something we did in the school playground, skipping is a great way to burn calories. Lots of athletes use it to help them train, including boxers, and you’ll now find skipping ropes in lots of gym classes,” said Simon Cowen.
“It’s a high-intensity exercise and low impact on joints. Depending on your weight and exertion level, you can burn between 70-100 calories in a 10-minute session.”

2.  Hopscotch

“Hopscotch allows you to work on your balance, helping with joint and core stability. Add some Sandbells [soft hand weights] into the mix by throwing them into one of the squares and then picking them up for more challenge” said Amanda.

TOPICAL Skipping 0940713. Hula hooping
“Hula hooping is a personal favourite, and the weighted hula hoop is much easier to use, allowing you to pick up the technique easily,” said Amanda O’Hare.
“A great tummy toner, as you brace your core throughout. By changing foot and hand position, you can change where you work, and by varying your pace, you can alter intensity.”

4. Duck duck goose
“A great way to introduce a little bit of team spirit into your workout. The stop/start nature of the game and direction change is a fun way to introduce some interval training with a difference to your workouts. Interval training is great for improving your fitness levels and increasing fat loss” explained Amanda.

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