Instructor Darren Ansell

Instructor Darren Ansell

A new style of self defence is sweeping the country.

Pure Krav Maga uses techniques from martial arts such as Wing Chun, Judo, Jujitsu and Aikido as well as fight training and sports such as boxing, wrestling and grappling.

And instructor Darren Ansell said the new self defence technique is attracting more than just women who want to protect themselves from attackers.

He explained: “At Vault Defence our aim is to train, teach and give confidence to any student who comes through the doors.

“Our students not only learn a whole new set of life saving skills but get fitter and lose weight in the process.

“Pure Krav Maga, which was originally developed in Israel, has been described as the most realistic self defence system in the world today.”

Krav Maga rose to fame when it was featured in films such as The Bourne Trilogy and Taken in recent years.

But Darren puts Krav Maga’s growing popularity down to the martial art’s suitability for a wide range of communities who require self defence skills.

As part of the Vault Defence group with clubs in Banbridge, Holywood, Belfast, Larne, Lisburn, Newtownards, Newtownabbey and the North West.

Classes are £6 per week and more information can be found at


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