Personal trainer DAVID HENRY explains how ‘The Body Coach’ Joe Wicks has revolutionised the way he eats.

He shared his tips with belfastvibe on how to get lean the Joe Wicks way…

David said: “Previous to the ‘Lean In 15’ book coming out, I would have taken inspiration and recipes from ‘The Body Coach’ Joe Wicks.”

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Wicks, a fitness fanatic from Surbiton in South West London has become an Instagram sensation amassing hundreds of thousands of fans – including John Terry and Ellie Goulding – thanks to his quirky fitness videos and 15-minute healthy meals.

Belfast fan David continued: “Loving my cooking, my wife purchased me the book for Christmas and I have had fun ever since with cooking that is fun, simple to prepare and really tasty and enjoyable for all the family.

“I use a prepping system to stay focused and always on the good food wagon. Prep takes place on a Sunday and I prep for Monday through till Wednesday and again on Wednesday night prepping for Thursday through till Saturday.

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“This system works and keeps you on track and avoiding the temptation of junk food and treats. You just need to sit down and plan.”

Here are Dave’s 5 tips to success:

1. Write down what you want to eat for the week on a meal planner sheet

2. List all the ingredients you need and go shop, buy nothing else to avoid temptation

3. Get cooking and using good food containers get them packed

4. Cut your alcohol down or out all together to help maximise your results

5. Get active, get walking, running, weight training or anything that you enjoy that makes you improve your fitness

Dave added: “The ‘Lean in 15’ book has been a great nutritional tool to recommend to my clients and also to freshen up my own cooking with a goal making eating a lifestyle not a constant struggle with fad diets.

“The Body Coach principles work and incorporated with a good training regime you will get the results that you want.”

For further information regarding personal training you can contact David at 2D Strength & Fitness (028 9077 5222) or email him at

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