Most of us can come up with a plethora of excuses not to go to the gym or exercise.


But a new poll has revealed aside from membership costs the main reason people in Northern Ireland avoid going to the gym. How many are you guilty of?

1. Fear: 33%


The (understandable) fear of being judged is one of the biggest causes. A new poll by British Heart Foundation Northern Ireland’s new MyMarathon challenge has revealed we avoid going to the gym because we feel intimidated by other fitter people.

2. Regulars: 26%


Second on the list was regulars always taking over gym equipment! The fear of waiting for the treadmill is real.

3. Paranoia: 25%


What other people think of us when exercising clearly plays on our mind…

4. Fit: 25%


Not feeling fit enough to start going to the gym in the first place was another key barrier!

5. Confidence: 24%


If you’re anything like us you’ll identify with this one! Not knowing how to use or having the confidence to use different exercise machines is fifth on the list. Because who actually remembers what they’re shown on induction day?!

6. Other people: 22%


Not surprisingly, people showing off at the gym is enough to put 22% of us good Northern Irish folk even venturing into one.

7. People + Lycra: 21%


We’ve all been there – subjected to the sight of someone squeezed into semi-transparent lycra whilst we attempt to keep our eyes firmly averted.

8. Smell: 9%


For some people, the smell of fellow gym-goers sweating it out is so profuse they don’t bother going. We’d recommend going to a bigger gym…

9. Grunting: 6%


Apparently 6% of us are pretty iritated by these odd – yet understandable – noises.

10. Fear of injury: 4%


Perhaps the most rational reasoning, fear of getting injured using one of the machines is only culpable for 1% of us afraid of the gym.

If you want some inspiration for getting fit in time for summer, check out our 16 Ways To Get Fit In Belfast – which offers some great alternatives from Polercise, classes and even bootcamp!

Indeed, you definitely don’t have to be a slave to the gym to be more active. BHF NI is challenging everyone to take on its brand new MyMarathon challenge to conquer 26.2miles over the month of May and help fund life saving research.

Runners can complete the challenge this May in a way that’s a challenge for them. Whether it’s at the park, during lunchbreaks or around the streets with friends by your side. Over a few days, a couple of weeks or the whole month – You decide the pace and you decide the place.

Sign up for free at

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