Anybody who’s played rugby will most definitely have met a phantom or vet’s veteran and is very likely to have experienced that moment of panic when they break the gain line look up and realise they’re still in their own half.

As a nearly retired rugby player, that is someone who plays anywhere between 0 and 1 games a season, I’ve spotted a couple of great online articles about the not so beautiful game.

In The Loose brings us 15 things that only rugby players will understand such as players who think they know more about your position than you do, players pretending not to be hurt and the fact that beer cures everything.

Blood and Mud discuss 10 types of player you played second or third team rugby with.

My personal favourite is The Phantom, the player who arrives and kits up 30 seconds before kick off, plays the full 80, and is dressed and home within 30 seconds of the final whistle.

The Non-Training Prop, The Not Big Enough Flanker and The Puncher are 3 others who I’ve played with and against over the years.

As you’ll see from this clip The Puncher isn’t someone who is confined to second and third team rugby…

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