Personal trainer and gym addict Geoff Gates says diets don’t work and the only way to get results is exercise.

It’s over to Geoff to explain how to get in shape without going on a diet or getting bored in the gym…


“The first step you will need to take is to get in the mindset. This is a very important part the process. You have to not only believe you will achieve your goal, you have to know it for certain.

“Next make a plan or employ a fitness professional to do this for you, the latter is the most effective way as you will be delegating that part of the process, leaving you to devote your energy into executing the plan.

“So here’s the thing… diets don’t work! The definition of insanity is repeating the same thing over and over and expecting a different result. The very word ‘diet’ implies temporary and that’s exactly what it is. How many times have you gone on a diet only to resume ‘normal eating’ and put it all back on and then some?!

“I’ll tell you why this happens – your body is a perfect survival machine – it doesn’t want to look good, it doesn’t want to build muscle, it doesn’t want to let go of body fat, it is programmed to simply survive – that is all.

“When you diet and restrict your calories your body reacts by lowering your metabolism – survival mode! Then when you have sufficiently starved yourself and reach for the pizza delivery number your body will automatically store the surplus for the next time you decide to try and slowly kill it and so the vicious circle repeats and you become one of the millions of yo-yo dieters… hence diets don’t work!

“Exercise is what you need. You envision yourself working out, getting results, making headway. The Rocky theme tune is playing away in your head. ‘I can do this’, you say to yourself. Next day you’re in the gym clueless of what you should be doing. It bores you to death and you leave after 20 minutes. Sound familiar?

“This is because you don’t have a plan and thus have no structure. If you have a pre-planned routine that actively progresses with each gym session you will not get bored. In fact, believe it or not, with this in place you will actually look forward to the gym because you will be gently challenged each session. This will slowly build your confidence and lead you on to bigger challenges.

“In conclusion – get your mindset right, develop a plan or even better get a fitness professional to do this for you. Remember your end goal is your happiness and confidence and I promise you will achieve this and more!

“This, my friend, is how you become a gym addict!”

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