If you’re getting frustrated with the countless gym selfies cluttering up your Facebook newsfeed (as you tuck into your calorific take-away), it seems you’re not alone…

Research shows that nearly a third of men and women from Belfast now brag about their workouts on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

Do you enjoy taking selfies in the gym, or does seeing this make you cringe?

One Direction's Niall Horan posted this gym selfie on Twitter

One Direction’s Niall Horan posted this gym selfie on Twitter

With the rise of people looking online for ‘fitspiration’ more than a quarter also said they also share their transformation before and after snaps with friends and followers on social media.
The research was conducted by sports nutrition brand Muscle Milk Protein, and reveals the top ten UK cities which brag about their exercise regimes online – and Belfast is at number five in the top 10 with 31% of gym users taking selfies.

There’s still some way to go to catch up with London (49%) and Aberdeen where 38% of gym goers feel the need to share their experience with the online world.
But whilst it seems people are quick to dismiss the act as vain or an attempt to ‘show off’ it seems the newly dubbed ‘healthie’ is a brilliant way to motivate – not just others – but most importantly yourself.
Pamela Rutledge, PhD, explains that selfies actually allow us to take control of our image, “One of the most effective ways to make behavioural changes is to keep track of your progress. Healthies are an instant way to log a huge amount of info compared to just writing ‘Awesome workout’ in a diary.”

We just need to look at the Kardashian clan to see the truth is in the pudding (or lack thereof…) who look seriously amazing in their vast array of gym selfies (check out our gallery below!)

It doesn’t take Einstein to work out that once you start literally seeing the positive results in visual form, this will act as a serious motivator to keep going! Just check out Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, whose photo is almost enough to make us renew our gym membership…


So the next time you’re feeling inspired to use that gym mirror for more than just checking your form, go ahead and snap that selfie. It may be just the visual reminder needed to keep you motivated for your next workout.

So if taking a selfie is wrong – we don’t want to be right!




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