We know the way to sporting supremacy is dedication, skill and plenty of practise. But we also know that, along that way, there are these very clever game-improving gadgets – it’s not cheating, it’s just very clever

1. Finders keepers

Golf Ball Finder Glasses – £9.99 from menkind.co.uk
Whether you can’t find your ball because you’ve hit it so brilliantly far, or so unbrilliantly into the rough, these glasses are here to help, seeking out lost balls amongst the flora with their blue tinted hue. Just remember to remove before taking that next shot.GADGETS Gadgets Column 105573

2. Advantage, you

Zepp Tennis Swing Analyser – £129.95 from store.apple.com/uk
Now you can analyse all aspects of your game with this smart piece of kit. It attaches to your racquet, then tracks power, spin, shot types (serve, forehand, smash) rally times and more. By sending this data wirelessly to an app on your iOS device, you can compare and share your data with other players, while also listening to its tips for your improvement.GADGETS Gadgets Column 103532

3. In the swing

Game golf – £159.95 from gamegolf.com
This wearable tracking device utilises on-board GPS technology to capture data as you play. By wearing the small unit on the hip and a tag on the end of each club, data is gathered with every shot, tracking trends and offering on-screen statistics of your progress. You can then use this data to play – virtually, of course – against world golfing legends.GADGETS Gadgets Column 103659

4. Serving up

Newgy Robo-Pong 540 – £370 from amazon.co.uk
One of the most fascinating sports to watch has to be table tennis or, to give it the name which has helped its recent rise in popularity, ping pong. Places to play have been popping up in locations all over the UK, and it’s now a huge social occasion. To make sure you fit into this new hip scene, why not practice with this automatic ball launching machine. Set it to more difficult levels, and even play against it with friends.GADGETS Gadgets Column 103619

5. On your bike

ELITE Super Crono Mag Force Turbo Trainer Pack – £149.99 from decathlon.co.uk
If you cycle as much for fitness factors as you do to get from A to B, then forget the great outdoors and the rainy misery that bring; put on the telly, and sit your commuting cycle astride this superb machine. Set it to one of five resistance levels and let the workout begin.GADGETS Gadgets Column 103618

6. Battery bait

Electronic Sonar Fish Finder – £24.98 from amazon.co.uk
This highly rated piece of kit assists in the detection of weeds, sand and rocks where you’re fishing to give you a distinct advantage without having to dive in with your goggles. It can also offer approximate locations of fish and the depth of water you’re angling in. If 007 were an angler, he’d certainly be packing one of these in his tackle box.GADGETS Gadgets Column 103533

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