When it comes to getting fit, some people need a bit of motivation.

Here are 4 reasons why you could benefit from a personal trainer, according to 2D Strength & Fitness based in Belfast.

1. Knowing what to do

Setting up your own complete exercise schedule that includes all the activities you need to do cardio, weight training, mobility and flexibility and nutrition can be overwhelming.  Take into account the time and knowledge it takes to select the correct types of exercises, reps, sets and frequency and you may quit before you even start.

This is where a personal trainer can be the biggest help. We will maximize your time while keeping you within your own limits so you don’t overdo it. We will help you set goals, monitor your stats on a monthly basis and help you achieve what you want to achieve safely and effectively.

2. Accountability

We will push you hard but will know when you are cheating and make you accountable for your outside activities. Being accountable keeps you honest and helps keep you focused on your goals and results.

3. Structured programmes and workouts

Most people tend to do the same workouts every time they enter a gym and end up at a plateau and getting bored. Personal trainers will tailor your workouts around your needs and make sure you have fun and hit those PBs you never thought possible.

4. Diet and Nutritional advice

Knowing what you should be eating and when to eat is key to achieving your goals. This could be sports specific, fat loss, muscle gains or general well being. Staying focused on your eating generates superb results and is great for your mental health, keeping energy levels up and for all round day to day activities.

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