Are you one of those people who just love summer?

The sun on your face, a balmy breeze and a cool drink certainly do it for most of us.  But, there are some pretty good reasons why summer makes us feel happier and encourages us to have more fun.

There’s something magical about summer that lifts spirits, boosts motivation levels, relieves tensions and generally makes everything seem more fun.

For many of us, it means spending more time outdoors, topping up our minds, bodies and souls with a good dose of nature, fresh air and sunshine.

Yet ‘summer dread’ can crop up too. If your countdown to June is spent fretting over the thought of having to bare more flesh, put up with another bout of sweat rashes and chafing, or cope with the intensified social pressures (‘why does everybody else has an endless stream of invites to BBQs, picnics and parties, and I’m watching Big Bang Theory re-runs again?’), you’re not alone.

Summer though, like everything else in life, doesn’t have to be ‘perfect’ – and you don’t have to have a ‘perfect’ bikini body, or ‘perfect’ social life to enjoy it.

You just need these expert tips on how to make the most of a few months of sunshine:

1. Clear winter energy out of your life. 
Pack away those big coats, heavy boots and jumpers.

2.Detox your mind.
Take a walk in the sunshine in the park  and enjoy your surroundings. Really take notice of those daffodils blooming and birds singing.

3.Get up to date on admin.
Once it’s done, you will feel satisfied knowing you no longer have an over-flowing ‘to-do’ list hanging over you.

3.If anything is broken, fix it!
Keeping things in a good working order helps to clear out those stagnant vibes.



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