Gillian Killiner

Gillian Killiner

As we get older and our bodies change so should how we treat them.

Nutrition Expert, and leading Dietitian Gillian Killiner from in Belfast says taking care of your nutrition in your 20’s can help you make positive changes for the future.

She added: “In your 20’s you are still in positive balance when it comes to your bodies ability to regenerate, repair and fight disease.

“If you invest in your diet to support and maximise these benefits you will reap the rewards as you age gracefully while your friends may not be so lucky.”


Here are Gillian’s Top 6 Nutrition Tips For People In Their 20s:

1. Don’t Look Over The Rainbow
Eat a rainbow of colourful foods – the antioxidants protect your eyes, heart, brain, skin….basically the whole body from free radical attack.

2. Make A Splash
Drink good volumes of water to assist the body flush toxins and ensure your heart is not under unnecessary pressure.

shutterstock_234861073. Chill Out
Eat slow and concentrate while eating. People on phones, computers etc. do not enjoy each mouthful and often overeat. It takes 20 minutes for your brain to hear from your stomach that it is full. Eat too fast and it is all too late.

4. Not All Sweetness And Light
Sugar is pro-inflammatory which is ageing and can if consumed to excess lead to fat around your middle – known crudely as ‘Muffin top’
so eat high fibre foods to release energy slowly and avoid the slumps in energy.

5. Steer Clear
Avoid processed foods and drinks – period.

shutterstock_1407284596. Too Much Red
Red wine is considered a health benefit. 1 glass per day is fine more than this and sorry but it is down hill for health, sleep, recovery and repair. Be more European.

Gillian Killiner is the owner of 121 Dietician and can be contacted at

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