Everything is so confusing when it comes to food. Apparently sugar, fat and even carbs are bad for you. But at the same time you still need them.

As if that wasn’t enough, I thought I’d make your head spin even more.

You see, we all had some idea that diet coke wasn’t exactly the drink of life but the Daily Mail has described how diet coke affects the body in the same way as cocaine. Wait. What?

While we mourn over just how bad diet coke is, here are 6 other secretly unhealthy foods and drinks…

1. Sports Drinks

Notice the word “sport”. While the intention is to rehydrate and energise those who have just lost loads of essential minerals during sport, you actually have to move a bit before you drink it in order for this to work. Otherwise you’re overloading on sugar and calories.


2. Rice Cakes

Okay, so these are hardly the worst foods out there for your body but while some dieters swear by rice cakes they actually have no nutritional value.


3. Vegan Cupcakes

Just because they are meat and dairy free doesn’t mean vegan cupcakes are any good for you. They’re still classed as junk food.


4. Dried Fruit

Ever heard that fresh is always better? It definitely is in this case. Dried fruit often has lots of added sugar, making it more like sweets than fruit.


5. Fat-Free Pringles

Despite ditching the fat this is replaced with ingredients that are actually worse for you like artificial sugars and flavourings.


6. Nuts

*Healthy in moderation

You hear that? Moderation. Nuts are extremely high in fat despite also being high in protein. Stay away from the salted ones. Plus, they can be addictive – a handful may lead to a stomach-full.


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