As the weather is getting better attention is now turning to lighter clothing, preparing for the summer holidays and bikinis.

For many the focus will now be on their diet with the promise of “getting fit and healthy” for the summer.

But the reality is that most people won’t make lasting changes to their diet.

Gillian Killiner is the principal dietician at Belfast company 121 Dietician.

She is one of a team of diet experts working with clients across the country.

“Men and women message us weekly wanting a quick weight loss fix” said Gillian, adding: “We assist these individuals in setting goals and losing weight steadily but don’t recommend the quick weight loss route.

“Boring you may think, but we know from many of our clients that they have yo-yo dieted for many years.

“This has been detrimental to their health and weight and self-esteem.”

At 121 Gillian says The Counterweight Programme is the “gold standard” they advise.

She explained: “It teaches people to lose weight for good and be healthy and happy”.

Here’s Gillian’s Top Tips To Break The Cycle:

1. Ditch the stodge
Stop the beige foods and eat a rainbow of colourful food at each meal – Make sure 1/2 your plate is a mixture of vegetables.

2. Be careful of cold turkey
Don’t go cold turkey if you can’t. Everyone is unique in what they can achieve – make changes gradually if this suits your tastes and lifestyle. 1 good idea is to increase fibre – change to 50:50 bread and then 1 slice of your sandwich bread to wholemeal and after 2 weeks move to wholemeal completely. Easy! Same with pasta’s and rice go wholemeal by cooking small amounts seperately and mixing. (Cook wholemeal rice/pasta for longer)

3. Drinks
It can be tough when its cold outside to drink cold water.
But teas and coffees can lead to biscuits and buns.
Now its spring you may wish to use some fizzy water with a slice of lemon and a straw and ice-cube. Again start small and build up.
Drinking water frequently will keep you fresh and reduce feeling of hunger. FACT.

4. Don’t overdo the fruit
Fruit is important for health but be careful that you are not overdoing this.
3-4 portions spread throughout the day is good.
Try cutting up and freezing a banana if you get the munchies try a slice – lovely.

5. No processed
Leave the heavy cheesy pies and processed oily lasagne’s behind and use fresh foods with different proteins like: lentils, white and oily fish, eggs, quorn, Tofu.

Gillian Killiner is the owner of 121 Dietician and can be contacted at

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