Holidaymakers seem as keen to work out as chill out when away on breaks, according to a survey.

As many as 47% of people in the UK would be keen to head off on a fitness holiday, the poll by foreign exchange company Travelex showed.

More than a third (34%) booking health holidays are prepared to spend £500 or more on a trip, with more than half reckoning they will get better deals on fitness activities abroad than at home.

Naked yoga and Nordic Walking are among the activities people throughout the UK have attempted, with 30% of those keen on a health holiday seeing it as a chance to tone up and 23% to lose weight.

Also, 21% wanted to learn a new skill while 17% wanted to concentrate purely on their well-being.

In contrast, boozy group trips only appealed to 5% of the 2,000 people polled.

Among destinations for health holidays picked out by Travelex were Bali, Tanzania, Finland and Stockholm in Sweden as well as more traditional places such as the US and New Zealand.

Elvin Eldic, from Travelex, said: “Although the tourism industry has always offered healthy getaways, our research shows that fitness holidays are not only becoming more popular, they’re also increasingly destinations where we wouldn’t have considered to go on holiday such as Tanzania and Finland.”

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