With hay fever season well and truly under way and pollen armed and attacking, many people are groaning in despair at the pollen count predictions.

The unbearable sentencing to months of a snotty nose, swollen eyelids and sneezing fits is tough and many of us are left wondering if bees are personally victimising us.

Those non-sufferers are probably saying about now that moping around won’t do us any good and we should just take an antihistamine, stay indoors and try not to breath.

Still feeling sorry for yourself? It could be worse.

Here are 10 unusual allergies you should be thankful you don’t have…

1. Technology

Electrosensitivity causes sufferers near anything with an electromagnetic field (like mobile phones and microwaves) migraines, rashes and chest pains to name a few of the gruelling physical symptoms. A group of sufferers has actually moved to an area of southern France that is completely free of electromagnetic fields.

2. Exercise

A great excuse to get out of going to the gym and wear your gym clothes to the supermarket instead, otherwise known as hives, gastrointestinal problems and life-threatening anaphylaxis. Exercise-induced anaphylaxis and urticaria is not something to be envied.

3. Water

Aquagenic urticaria leaves itchy and painful hives on the skin. There’s no treatment available so even showering is extremely difficult for sufferers.

4. Chocolate

Can’t live without chocolate? What if it gave you headaches, hives or difficulty breathing? Some unfortunate people have to avoid chocolate at all costs. Don’t forget that includes chocolate chip cookies or ice creams!


5. All Food and Drink Except Water

There isn’t even a name for this allergy, it’s that rare. Australian Kaleb Bussenschutt is one of the few who suffers severe stomach problems if he ingests anything other than water, ice or one specific brand of lemonade. To help him survive, Kaleb is fed formula for 20 hours a day through a tube and has incredible self-control around real food.

6. Beanbags

Soybean allergies can also be triggered through beanbags. Imagine having to change your sitting habits as well as your diet.

 7. Underwear

Rashes and lesions are the result of chemicals used to produce some clothing, particularly underwear. Fortunately, if you are diagnosed you can usually find hypo-allergenic clothing to ease the issue and stop you from looking like you’re scratching your bum in public.


8. Pancake Mix

A 19 year old man suffered anaphylactic shock and died after eating pancake mix that had been left open in a cupboard for about two years. You may be thinking, well duh, that’s not an allergy. Well, the man was allergic to mold and he ate a mould count of 21,000, so if you’re allergic to mold you might want to be careful about how long you leave your food out.

9. Deodorant

Bit of a personal hygiene issue, don’t you think? Victims experience itchy redness, peeling skin, painful pimples and can usually be identified by their smell. Thankfully, some prescription deodorants are available.


10. Vibrations

This rare allergy caused by even the gentle vibrations of a car can cause the body to mistake the experience as an attack. The immune system kicks into play and fires up welts and rashes which can last for hours. Suddenly hay fever doesn’t seem so bad.

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